What To Do with 48 Hours in Panama City

What To Do with 48 Hours in Panama City
Photo by Yosi Bitran / Unsplash

The first step to getting to Panama is figuring out where you want to fly into. You can choose from the international airport in Panama City, or choose an international flight that will either stop by here on its way elsewhere or one of the regional airports. Tocumen International Airport is known as PTY in its three-letter designation and unless you are hopping from somewhere else, this is likely the airport that you will be flying into.

There are a few reasons why Panama is such an incredible country to visit.

First up, the people here are incredibly friendly and welcoming; this is your chance to see what Latin American hospitality really means! Panama has a lot of incredible natural beauty and wildlife, so it's worth considering doing some exploring before settling down on what you want to do while visiting this Central American gem.

Second, because it's located right on the Central America isthmus (a narrow strip of land that connects North and South America), there are tons of opportunities for outdoor adventures like surfing or camping in some truly gorgeous landscapes.

Thirdly - because it's so close to major metropolitan areas but far enough away from their problems – you can enjoy everything these places have to offer without any hassles involved with living there yourself. This makes Panama City one of our favorite cities anywhere in the world- mostly because not only does it have a ton of things to do, but it's also one of the most affordable places you can visit.

So what should you do with just 48 hours in Panama City?

Here are our top five recommendations:

The old town of Casco Viejo in Panama City

Take a walk around Casco Viejo: this is Panama City's oldest neighborhood and is full of beautiful colonial architecture (not to mention great restaurants and bars). Get lost for a few hours wandering its narrow streets and alleyways.

The Panama Canal abuts an old church and flags of countries.

Visit the Panama Canal: whether or not you're interested in boats or engineering, this is an impressive feat of human ingenuity that's worth seeing. There are several viewing points along the canal where you can watch ships go by – try Flores Locks for the best Panama Canal view.

The city skyline of Panama City with a palm tree in the foreground

Check out Panama Viejo: Panama City's old ruins are a fun way to spend an afternoon learning about the city while also going back in time and seeing what Panama was like before it became such a vibrant, modern place.

A busy train in Panama City

Go shopping at Via Argentina: Panama is full of great places for shopping- but if you're looking for high-end retailers (and don't mind paying extra because everything else here is so affordable), then Via Argentina should be your number one destination!

Ships on the sea in Panama

Visit Amador Causeway: this spot offers some incredible views and there's plenty to do here whether you want to go swimming, snorkeling, or just relax with a drink on the beach.

There may only be 48 hours in Panama City, but if you use your time wisely and get a chance to see all these places it's definitely enough for a great Panama City experience!