Aruba's One Happy Workstation Program Explained

Aruba's One Happy Workstation Program Explained
(Katalin Hoczane Melich)

Aruba is advertising a work-from-home, or rather "work-from-paradise" program, but it comes with some specific restrictions that make it less open and relevant to the majority of travelers than other digital nomad visas.

Aruba is a Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. It's known for its white-sand beaches and blue water. The culture is diverse, with Dutch, African, Spanish, and Venezuelan influences. Aruba has been ruled by Spain, Portugal, and The Netherlands over the years but gained independence in 1986.

The digital nomad program in Aruba is not full-fledged, and unfortunately, only US Citizens are available to apply. Additionally, it is not a long-stay program (more like a medium-stay) with a 90-day limit. We will be watching for any changes to this program and will update this post if it becomes more widely available to other nationalities or for longer periods.

The One Happy Workstation program is quite limited and is more of a vacation package. Here are the short details of the program:


  • Be a US Citizen
  • Hold a passport valid for the duration of the trip
  • Have an approved Embarkation and Disembarkation card

How To Apply

This is not a program that requires extensive government documentation. Book a package deal here.

We will update this entry if this particular program grows in its scope.


The cost of this program is generally inclusive of the cost of your package deal with One Happy Workstation, and your travel and COVID-19 testing.