Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Costa Rica vs. Brazil

A comparison of remote work visas for Costa Rica and Brazil.

Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Costa Rica vs. Brazil

Are you dreaming of the digital nomad lifestyle in Latin America? Costa Rica and Brazil offer attractive visa programs for those who want to explore this vibrant and diverse region while working remotely. Here are the details you need to know about each country's digital nomad visa program.

Comparing Digital Nomad Visa Programs: Costa Rica vs Brazil

Costa Rica vs. Brazil

Costa Rica and Brazil are two of the most captivating destinations for digital nomads in Latin America. Costa Rica is famous for its lush rainforests, beautiful beaches, and striking landscapes that attract nature lovers and adventure seekers. Brazil, on the other hand, boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage with vibrant cities, beautiful coastlines, and a world-renowned music and dance scene.

Both countries offer a high standard of living at affordable costs, an engaging atmosphere, friendly people, and distinctive culinary scenes. They both provide digital nomads with an excellent chance to explore new cultures, meet new people, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Let's dive into the specifics of each country's digital nomad visa program.

About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America, and it's known for its stunning natural beauty and biodiversity. It has stable political and economic conditions, and the locals are friendly and largely bilingual. The country has a developed health care system and excellent internet connectivity, making it an excellent destination for digital nomads.

Estancia para Trabajador y Prestador Remoto de Servicios

Cost of Visa US$100
Length of Stay 1 year + May be renewed for 1 additional year
Income Requirement US$3,000 per month; If travelling with dependents: US$4,000 per month

Other Conditions or Requirements

  • Bank statements and affidavit to prove income
  • A medical service policy that covers the applicant and family members
  • Guarantee of coverage for medical expenses in cases of illness in Costa Rica for at least US $50,000.00
  • No criminal records
  • Cannot work for a Costa Rican employer or contractor
  • Request form, receipt of payment of fees, and image of the passport page showing the person's photo and bio information, as well as the stamp showing entry into Costa Rica (if the person is already in Costa Rica)
  • Depending on the person's nationality, consular visa or restricted visa may be required.

One significant advantage of the Estancia para Trabajador y Prestador Remoto de Servicios is that it provides exemption from income tax. Additionally, the Digital Nomads Law and its Regulations don't mandate foreigners to contribute to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund. However, note that a medical services policy that covers the applicant for the entire duration of his/her stay in the country is required.

About Brazil

Brazil is South America's largest country and is renowned for its unique mix of people, culture, and landscapes. Whether you're mesmerized by samba dancers in Rio or exploring the lush Amazonian jungle, Brazil has something for everyone.

Digital Nomad Temporary Visa

Cost of Visa Consular fee: EUR110
Length of Stay 1 year + can be renewed for an additional year
Income Requirement US$1,500 per month or bank balance of US$18,000

Other Conditions or Requirements

  • Declaration to perform professional activities remotely
  • Proof of financial independence
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • Criminal records within 3 months
  • Birth certificate or extract from Population Information System
  • Proof of subsistence
  • Background check details issued within 90 days
  • One recent passport-sized photograph

One thing to keep in mind when considering the Digital Nomad Temporary Visa for Brazil is tax residency. The temporary visa holder will be considered tax resident in Brazil as from the 184ยบ day of physical presence in the country, making him/her liable to tax on a worldwide basis. A Tax ID (CPF number) must be issued to enable the collection of income taxes and delivery of a tax return after becoming a tax resident in Brazil.

No mandatory social security contributions in Brazil for the temporary visa holder without a labor contract, self-employed professional, or visitor visa holder who does not reach the conditions to become tax resident in the country.

Choosing between Brazil and Costa Rica

When it comes to choosing between Brazil and Costa Rica, it's important to take into consideration your travel and work style and the experiences you seek. Brazil boasts a unique blend of stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant urban areas. This country is famous for its diverse music, dance, and food culture. Additionally, Brazil has a streamlined immigration process, making it one of the simplest entry points to South America.

Costa Rica is a well-established digital nomad hub with great connectivity, affordable living, and an excellent health care system. Whether you're looking to explore the vibrant rainforests or longing for a day at the beach, Costa Rica has got you covered.

In summary, both countries offer excellent opportunities for digital nomads seeking to explore new cultures and experiences while working remotely. The decision to choose between Brazil and Costa Rica ultimately depends on your specific preferences and requirements.