Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Canggu in 2024

Even though Canggu is a relatively small village, there are many coworking spaces in and around the area that you can take advantage of. Below are ten of the best coworking spaces you can enjoy in Canggu if you can pull yourself away from the beaches.

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Canggu in 2024

Nestled along the coast of Bali, Canggu is a hidden gem of a village and a popular destination for beach lovers. It's a very laid-back area where digital nomads can go to escape the fast-paced life of bigger cities.

Even though Canggu is a relatively small village, there are many coworking spaces in and around the area that you can take advantage of. Below are ten of the best coworking spaces you can enjoy in Canggu if you can pull yourself away from the beaches:

1. Outpost Canggu

Outpost Canggu is incredibly unique in its blending of work and play. When there's business to be done, take advantage of one of its large, open coworking spaces to collaborate with other professionals or reserve a dedicated desk for additional peace and privacy.

When it's time for a break, take a dip in the pool or relax in one of the designated quiet zones.

In addition to spacious and energetic coworking areas, Outpost Canggu has a coliving area just a short walk away. This setup makes it easy to escape into a personal paradise, where you can walk from home to work to the beach within a matter of minutes.

2. Matra Coliving and Coworking Space

At Matra, you can work in peace while enjoying the breathtaking views of Canggu from its rooftop cafe and coworking space.

Its laid-back coworking space features computers with high-speed internet, a projector, private lockers, air-conditioned meeting rooms, a communal kitchen, and even a pool and gym. With 24-hour access, you can spend all day at the beach and work whenever you please.

But Matra has a lot more to offer visitors than just coworking space — you can fully escape to Bali with affordable co-living options, too. They have several plans to choose from that will fit almost any budget.

3. Dojo Bali

Dojo Bali offers a relaxed coworking space that is practically on the beach. It combines large open spaces for collaborative work with private spaces for individual work. Dojo Bali also boasts an abundance of lush natural scenery and serenity, indoors and out. And since it's open 24/7, the only schedule you have to follow is your own.

If you want to fully immerse yourself in the local area and way of life, you should consider their co-living packages.

4. Tropical Nomad

Can you think of a better breakroom than a rooftop balcony with breathtaking views? At Tropical Nomad, this fantasy can become a reality. Its coworking space is perfect for young professionals who crave collaboration and something different from the norm. And with meeting rooms available to rent, your team can get privacy when it's needed.

The crisp, all-white interior creates a peaceful, sanitary feeling, and with tropical plants throughout the building, it's easy to feel at peace and connected to nature while working.

5. Genesis Creative Centre Bali

If your business is too creative or artistic to operate within the confines of a traditional office, Genesis Creative Centre is perfect for you.

In addition to a large coworking space and private offices, there are seven distinct and dedicated spaces for everything from film and photography to creating art and producing music, so you're sure to find what you need for all of your creative projects at Genesis Creative Centre.

6. ZIN Cafe

The coworking space at ZIN Cafe is known as one of the best free coworking spaces in all of Bali and is just a short stroll away from Canggu Beach. At ZIN, you can work while surrounded by bamboo and beautiful views. The coworking space boasts plenty of desk space, outlets, and comfy furniture for you to utilize.

ZIN’s coworking area is located right beside the cafe, which serves up delicious food and is home to one of the best roasters in Bali, Z Roasters Coffee. You’ll enjoy good snacks and the best coffee in Bali to fuel your workday.

7. Connco

Connco Work Hub has a wide variety of cozy spaces available, from open coworking spaces to private meeting rooms and even a rooftop lounge. And with a large pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens, you can go for a swim and melt away the day's stress before you even leave work.

The Connco facility has daily and monthly plans available to match whatever your work schedule might be. Whether you only need the space for 25 hours a month or you need unlimited access, it has a plan for you. It also hosts all kinds of free events for young professionals to connect, network, and just hang out.

8. Bali Bustle

Designed for the bustling nomadic workforce, Bali Bustle is a one-of-a-kind coworking space. The area is full of vibrant energy to inspire innovation and collaboration, but there are also plenty of places to relax and recharge.

Regardless of which plan you choose, you get 24/7 access to the coworking space, high-speed internet, refreshments, a private locker, a mailing address, and access to the on-site gym, pool, and meeting rooms.

9. Biliq

Although Biliq is not technically in Canggu, it's located just a short distance away in the neighboring Seminyak and couldn't be excluded from our list.

At Biliq, you can choose between two large, cozy indoor and outdoor coworking spaces that blend nature and productivity. They also offer private offices and meeting rooms to rent for when you and your team need your own space.

10. Living Food Lab Coworking Space

Living Food Lab is a popular vegan restaurant serving up delicious dishes throughout the day, but it also has a laid-back coworking space on the second floor. After grabbing a bite to eat, you can head upstairs and get to work — no membership necessary.

Their totally free coworking space gives you the creative freedom to fully realize business projects, whether you're designing a new logo or drafting up a business report. With plenty of outlets to power all of your devices and delicious coffee just a few steps away, Living Food Lab is suitable for professionals in every industry.

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