Top Coworking Spaces in Fort Lauderdale, FL 2024

Top Coworking Spaces in Fort Lauderdale, FL 2024

The tenth largest city in Florida, Fort Lauderdale is home to all kinds of industries. Indeed, tourism is just one of the many sectors that find the “Venice of America” a great place in which to thrive.

From the yachting industry to a thriving cultural scene, the beaches of Fort Lauderdale make it an attractive locale also for people looking to spend the colder months under the sun. It therefore seems only natural that the city offers several quality coworking spaces from which you can clock in your hours before going for that cocktail or swim!

We've gathered together all the top coworking spaces in Fort Lauderdale for coworking, hotdesking, private office rental, and more. All offer excellent WiFi so the bases are covered, but read on to learn more about what each has to offer!

Axis Space

We begin this list with a strong contender for the most comprehensive coworking offer in the area. Axis Space, located on Las Olas Way in Downtown Fort Lauderdale in a modern building over 4 floors, gives you many options. Private offices, dedicated desks and shared spaces are all offered with 24/7 access, hot drinks, access to a nap room as well as to a gym and a pool. You can also book a conference room or a social mailbox (to give your business its own professional address), and you have the option of buying a membership (the private office, for instance, starts at $800/month) or a day pass ($30). Newcomers can go on a tour before deciding.


Located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s business district, SkySpaces offers similar services and prides itself on its flexible membership plans in particular. With coworking lounges, hot-desking, private phone booths, as well as dedicated desks for individuals and office space for teams, each can be accessed with different memberships or day passes. Additionally, parking spaces are complimentary!


Right on Financial Plaza, Pipeline offers an array of options: dedicated desks for individuals, private suites for lone entrepreneurs or small teams, the Flex Space membership to let you pick any available desk, table or seat if you don’t need to leave your things overnight, and virtual offices to access the space and use its address as your business’s. Coffee is complementary and a receptionist is always on site.

Carr Workplaces

With ocean views and offering every kind of amenity from hot-desking to private and virtual offices as well as event spaces, Carr Workplaces on Las Olas Boulevard also lets you use team rooms - large open spaces for you and your colleagues to collaborate freely. You have the option to pay for full-time, part-time or day use. In addition, Carr responded to the COVID crisis by selling Healthy Office bundles, which include various tools to help you make your space safer.

General Provision

Presenting itself as a club for creatives, General Provision boasts two locations, a more industrial-looking one in Downtown Fort Lauderdale and another in a historical building in the FATVillage Art and Tech district. The goal of the company is to encourage a sense of community amongst remote workers, who typically end up feeling quite lonely. In addition to hot-desking, private offices and team rooms available via club membership (a day pass gives you access to the common area), General Provision also offers photography and podcast studios, as well as a theater in its Downtown clubhouse. With weekly yoga, breathwork and massage sessions, this workspace emphasizes wellbeing as well as collaboration, with 78% of members since their launch having hired one another.

Quest Workspaces

Also with an accent on community, the Fort Lauderdale Quest Workspace is located in Las Olas and close to the Fort Lauderdale International and Executive airports, making it a good choice for those who travel often for work, such as digital nomads! With flexible memberships to accommodate team sizes and work hours, Quest offers private rooms as well as shared coworking spaces, and meeting rooms with enhanced technological equipment, as well as virtual services. With great design and a free gym, it’s a great option for an all-around pleasant experience.

ZEN Offices

With 2 locations in Fort Lauderdale, ZEN Offices focus, as the name indicates, on promoting well-being and a stress-free work-life balance. On offer are private or shared offices, coworking spaces and meeting rooms, as well as virtual services such as a phone answering service and an address program. The 1 East Broward Building location features a complimentary gym and being a member gives you access to other locations, making it perfect for people often on the road who need to carry their office with them. You can start by renting out an office for $10 per hour without a membership.

Spaces La Olas Square

Spaces is a rockstar of the coworking industry, with locations all around the world. Their Fort Lauderdale space is in a buoyant area of town and features 95 private offices and 23 dedicated desks, as well as a large common area and their various memberships are scalable, so you can always adapt your office to your evolving business. The coworking membership can offer either 5 or 10 days per month, or be unlimited, with the latter allowing to bring one guest free of charge.

CoLab Workspaces

Remote workers know how crucial coffee is to their lifestyle - and it has pride of place at CoLab Workspaces, the coworking space that is reminiscent of the beloved coffee shops where entrepreneurs have spent so many hours, but which also promotes better focus and productivity. The coffee house is complemented by more private spaces and conference rooms, with an emphasis on collaboration and networking around the open plan and plenty of events. A day pass comes at the affordable price of $25 and memberships vary, and access is 24/7.