Discover the Best Coworking Spaces in Gran Canaria, Spain 2024

Discover the Best Coworking Spaces in Gran Canaria, Spain 2024

Gran Canaria, one of the stunning Canary Islands, offers a vibrant coworking scene that caters to the diverse needs of remote workers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we have grouped the best coworking spaces by neighborhood, so you can find the perfect spot to suit your workstyle and preferences. Let's explore the top coworking spaces in Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés, Meloneras, La Isleta, and Las Palmas.

Coworking spaces in Maspalomas

We Love Coworking

We Love Coworking is a welcoming space in Maspalomas that features a relaxed atmosphere, high-speed internet, and all the necessary amenities for a productive day. Members can also enjoy regular events and workshops that foster collaboration and networking.

Coworking Maspalomas

Coworking Maspalomas offers a modern, well-equipped space with comfortable workstations, meeting rooms, and a friendly community of professionals. The facility also provides ample parking space and is conveniently located near restaurants and shops.

Coworking Spaces near Playa del Inglés

Coworking Neptuno

Located in the heart of Playa del Inglés, Coworking Neptuno boasts a stylish design and all the essential amenities, such as ergonomic furniture, high-speed Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms. It's an ideal space for those looking to work in a bustling tourist area, with easy access to cafes and leisure activities.

Coworking Spaces in Meloneras

Nomads Beach Coworking

Situated close to the beautiful Meloneras beach, Nomads Beach Coworking offers a serene work environment with a stunning view. With its dedicated workstations, lounge areas, and collaborative atmosphere, this coworking space is perfect for digital nomads who want to balance work and leisure.

Coworking Spaces in La Isleta

CoCo Tropical Coworking

CoCo Tropical Coworking in La Isleta features a vibrant and tropical-themed workspace with a strong focus on community and creativity. The space offers a variety of workstations, meeting rooms, and a rooftop terrace where members can unwind and enjoy the panoramic views.

Soppa De Azul

Soppa De Azul is an artistic coworking space in La Isleta that is perfect for creative professionals. The space offers a mix of workstations, studios, and exhibition areas, along with a supportive community that encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Coworking Spaces in Las Palmas

La Pecera Coworking

La Pecera Coworking is located in the heart of Las Palmas and offers a modern, inviting atmosphere. The space is equipped with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, and meeting rooms, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a productive work environment.

Talleres Palermo

Talleres Palermo provides a comfortable and professional workspace with a variety of options, including private offices, shared desks, and meeting rooms. Located in Las Palmas, this coworking space fosters a sense of community and collaboration among its members.

928 Coworking

928 Coworking is a professional coworking space in Las Palmas, offering a range of services and facilities designed to help individuals and teams achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

The House Coworking

The House Coworking is a stylish and comfortable coworking space in Las Palmas, fostering innovation and productivity for its members in a welcoming atmosphere.

El Nucleo Coworking

El Nucleo Coworking in Las Palmas provides a dynamic workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to work, network, and collaborate in a supportive environment.


GoCoworking is a flexible coworking space in Las Palmas, offering a variety of membership options, event spaces, and networking opportunities for professionals and businesses alike.

White Forest

White Forest is a cozy coworking space in Las Palmas, designed with a focus on sustainability and creativity, providing a nurturing environment for professionals to grow and connect.