Top coworking destinations in Panama 2024

Coworking spaces with Panama City skyline in background

Panama City is fast becoming one of the world’s top cities that cater specifically to digital nomads looking for their ideal workspace. With a booming market for coworking spaces, driven by a surge in self-entrepreneurship and budding startups, the city offers a plethora of options for remote workers. Whether it's comfort, vibrancy, or even affordability that matters most to you, we guarantee at least one of these workspaces will make any ambitious remote worker feel right at home. Without further ado, here are our recommendations for the best coworking spaces in Panama to get stuff done!

Key Takeaways

  • Panama City is a top destination for digital nomads and offers a variety of coworking spaces.
  • The coworking market in Panama City is booming due to an increase in self-entrepreneurship and startups.
  • Coworking spaces in Panama offer a range of amenities including private offices, virtual offices, and open meeting spaces.
  • Affordability, comfort, and vibrancy are key factors in choosing the right coworking space.
  • The list includes top coworking spaces such as Panama Coworking Center, Selina Casco Viejo, and Works.

Panama Coworking Center

Located in the PH Kenex Plaza, Panama Coworking Center offers digital nomads a variety of workspace options including private offices, virtual offices, and open meeting spaces. Event space and meeting rooms are also available for a small additional fee. Panama Coworking Center provides access to snacks and drinks and all the equipment you need to operate your business at your convenience.

The center is vibrant, modern, and artistic, with a thoughtfully designed interior that uses different colors to evoke various emotions. The space is designed to inspire creativity and productivity, featuring natural light and greenery throughout.

Members benefit from an outdoor terrace with a sea view, high ceilings, and business consulting services, in addition to the usual amenities.

Selina Casco Viejo

Selina Casco Viejo coworking space with modern amenities.

Selina Casco Viejo is a haven for nomads, travelers, and explorers redefining what it means to travel, work, and explore. Selina is not just accommodation; they offer gorgeous, beautifully-designed places to stay. Find the perfect work-life balance with Selina Co-Working spaces and fuel your creativity in energetic vibes. Each Selina location hosts daily classes that vary in style and nature.

What started off as a hostel in the sleepy Panamanian town of Pedasí has turned into a global brand that blends hostel, hotel, nightlife — and coworking. Selina in Casco Viejo has a dedicated coworking station with day passes available for non-residents. Once the workday is done, you can head upstairs to the rooftop bar and restaurant (Tacos la Neta) for sunset with nibbles and tipples.

The staff is very nice and helpful, and the rooftop area is fantastic for both day and night. While you can hear the music in the rooms, they offer free earplugs to ensure a good night's sleep.

Selina’s coworking space in Casco Viejo is unique and stylish, and has everything a digital nomad in Panama would need. The building itself is in a beautifully restored historic building in the heart of the charming Casco Viejo neighborhood, and apparently took them two years to refurbish. The coworking space is up on the second floor, and offers a range of amenities, including high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs and desks, meeting rooms, and a communal kitchen all for $10 a day.

The Cube Coworking

The Cube Coworking is a top choice for professionals in Panama City, especially those looking to avoid traffic with its convenient location just off the Urbanizacion Via España near the Iglesia del Carmen station. Coworkers at The Cube will enjoy access to coffee in the breakrooms, access to phone booths for private video calls, access-controlled security, reliable fiber optic internet, and access to printers and scanners. Locker service and a variety of events, including workshops and mentorship programs, are also available to keep you in the know.


  • Cost per day: $15
  • Monthly open space: $60


  • Air Conditioning
  • BeanBags
  • Cafeteria
  • CCTV cameras
  • Customer Support
  • Free Parking
  • Free Tea/Coffee
  • Frustration Zone
  • Heating
  • IVR
  • Nap Room
  • Pantry
  • Professional Lighting
  • Reception
  • Table Tennis


  • Coworking
  • Dedicated Desk
  • Meeting Room
  • Private Cabin
The Cube is designed to encourage collaboration and networking, hosting regular events and workshops on site. You can’t go wrong picking The Cube as your coworking space in Panama City, especially if you’re staying in the area.


Workings is a premier coworking space in Panama, offering a wide variety of benefits to digital nomads and professionals. Accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week, it ensures that you can work whenever inspiration strikes. The space includes dedicated security, a kitchenette with easy access to snacks and caffeine, meeting rooms for group collaborations, and phone booths for private calls. Additionally, printing services are available to meet all your professional needs.

Within Workings, there is a unique feature called Drinkings, where you can enjoy a range of refreshments, including coffee and beer. The space also hosts terrace parties with live music, masseuses, and yoga classes, making it a vibrant community hub.

Workings has branches in two fabulous skyscrapers in Panama City: the Tower of the Americas in Punta Pacifica and Costa del Este’s Dream Plaza. Both locations provide terrace access, events, benefits and discounts, high-speed Internet, and more. Whether you need a virtual office, private office, meeting room, or an open space for collaboration, Workings has you covered.

Spaces – Plaza 2000

Spaces Plaza 2000 is a modern coworking space located in the financial center of Panama, making it convenient no matter where you’re staying. If you’ve ever visited a Spaces in another city, you more or less know what to expect, but this location impressed.

Spaces offers best-in-class technology with the very best in sound and video recording tools, AR and VR equipment, green screens, projectors, and printers – anything and everything that a creative digital nomad might need to keep in business.

This location is air-conditioned and complete with air purifiers, ionizers, and aromas to help keep all coworkers safe, healthy, and comfortable. High-speed fiber optic internet and wifi access will keep digital nomads connected with colleagues, friends, and family members worldwide. Plenty of USB ports are available as well to ensure your devices stay charged.

Cost per 8-day pass: $120

Address: Plaza 2000, C. 50, Panamá, Panama

Starting Price: From $335 USD per person per month

Be Productive Workspaces

Located at the Dorado City Center, Be Productive Workspaces offers various plans, including a day pass, open desk, or cubicle option. You’ll have access to a clean workspace, plenty of parking spaces, and even a Miami-based post office box if you need to maintain a business address in the United States.

  • Day Pass
  • Open Desk
  • Cubicle Option

Be Productive Workspaces is one of the top coworking spaces in Panama, providing a professional environment for remote workers and entrepreneurs.

My Office Panamá

My Office Panamá is a premier coworking space located at Dorado City Center, Nivel 3 Frente al Pricesmart, Panama City. This workspace is ideal for digital nomads and entrepreneurs seeking flexible workspace solutions. You can call ahead and book a tour or a month there, as the reception won’t always be there to let you in.


  • CCTV cameras
  • Chillout Area
  • Cleaning
  • Kitchen
  • Lift access
  • Nap Room
  • Office stationery
  • Personal Lockers
  • Power backup
  • Reception


Plan Starting Price
Virtual office $39 USD per month
Located right across the road from Selina, the space provides a variety of workspace options to suit any needs.

Workings – Pacific Point (Punta Pacifica)

Workings provides a wide variety of benefits to nomads looking for coworking space. Accessible 24 hours per day and seven days per week, not to mention dedicated security, a kitchenette with easy access to snacks and caffeine, meeting rooms for when you need to group with others, phone booths for private calls, printing services, and more.

Given its waterfront location, living in Punta Pacifica is lush. This exclusive Panama City neighborhood has an abundance of shops, private schools, and a private hospital, John Hopkins, which has English-speaking doctors. Punta Pacifica is also where you’ll find the Panaviera bar at the Ocean Sun Casino, which is the highest pool bar in Panama and Central America as a whole.

Workings provides all of the conveniences and reliability that you’ll need. The Punta Pacifica location offers an impressive view of downtown Panama. Located in Torre de Las Américas, nomads will enjoy working from one of the best towers in the city.

Panama Coworking Center Costa del Este

Panama Coworking Center Costa del Este offers a premium coworking experience in one of Panama City's most vibrant areas. Located at the Prime Tower in Costa del Este, this coworking space provides members with an outdoor terrace featuring a stunning sea view, high ceilings, and business consulting services.

Starting Price:

Plan Price
10 Days Pass $150+ITBMS per month


  • 24/7 Security
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Purifiers
  • CCTV cameras
  • Courier Service
  • Ergonomic Chairs
  • Fitness Studio
  • Heating
  • High Speed WIFI
  • Lift access
  • Microwave
  • Nap Room
  • Outdoor Terrace
  • Power backup
  • Refrigerator
This coworking space is perfect for those who value a professional environment with top-notch facilities and a beautiful view.


Panama City is rapidly establishing itself as a premier destination for digital nomads and remote workers, thanks to its diverse and vibrant coworking spaces. From the modern amenities of Panama Coworking Center to the dynamic atmosphere of Selina Casco Viejo, there's a space to suit every need and preference. The booming market reflects the city's adaptability and forward-thinking approach, making it an ideal location for entrepreneurs and freelancers alike. Whether you're seeking comfort, affordability, or a vibrant community, Panama City's coworking spaces offer the perfect environment to thrive. So, take the leap and explore these top coworking destinations in Panama City – your next great work adventure awaits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best coworking spaces in Panama City?

The best coworking spaces in Panama City include Panama Coworking Center, Selina Casco Viejo, Works, The Cube Coworking, Workings, Spaces – Plaza 2000, Be Productive Workspaces, My Office Panamá, Workings – Pacific Point (Punta Pacifica), and Panama Coworking Center Costa del Este.

Panama City is becoming a popular destination for coworking due to its vibrant atmosphere, affordability, and the variety of coworking spaces available that cater specifically to digital nomads and remote workers.

What amenities can I expect in coworking spaces in Panama City?

Amenities in Panama City coworking spaces typically include air conditioning, ergonomic chairs, high-speed internet, meeting rooms, event spaces, snacks and drinks, and access to office equipment. Some spaces also offer unique features such as phone booths, libraries, and workshops.

How much does it cost to use a coworking space in Panama City?

The cost varies depending on the coworking space and the type of access you need. For example, prices can range from $150 for a 10-day pass at Panama Coworking Center Costa del Este to $335 per person per month at Spaces – Plaza 2000.

Can I book a private office in Panama City coworking spaces?

Yes, many coworking spaces in Panama City offer the option to book private offices. Spaces like Panama Coworking Center and My Office Panamá provide private office solutions to cater to different business needs.

Are there coworking spaces in Panama City that offer virtual office services?

Yes, some coworking spaces in Panama City, such as Panama Coworking Center, offer virtual office services. These services can include a professional business address, mail handling, and access to meeting rooms.

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Curtis Duggan

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