Top Coworking Spaces in Raleigh, NC 2025

Top Coworking Spaces in Raleigh, NC 2025

As the second most-populous city in North Carolina and one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, Raleigh is a hub for many different industries, many of which offer remote working options. In particular, the city has seen a lot of growth in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in the past few years.

Over recent years, Raleigh has adapted to growing demand for coworking spaces. Read on to learn about the 8 top places selected by Wayviator!

Nest Raleigh

Located in City Plaza in Downtown Raleigh, Nest Raleigh offers a variety of options, from a communal workspace to dedicated desks, private suites, public conference rooms and events spaces. Its common area is particularly attractive, with its relaxed atmosphere and bright open space, as well as its kitchen where coffee, tea or even kombucha are free for all members – and printing, too! Access is 24/7 and various sections of the building can be rented for different kinds and sizes of events – the kitchen alone or with an additional event space, the conference rooms of various capacities, as well as a podcast studio with all the equipment needed.

The Work Hall

Designed specifically to encourage networking and collaboration, The Work Hall in Downtown Raleigh is a victim of its success – as of this writing, applications for membership were no longer accepted. But it might be worth putting yourself on the waiting list! Offering 6 different levels of membership, you’re bound to find an option that suits you, whether it’s the Gateway membership giving you 7 days per month of rail seating (a long table runs along the walls of the building) Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, with 2 hours/month of conference room and meeting space use, or the Executive membership, where you get access to your own desk 24/7 and more. The space benefits from a cool, industrial look and members can enjoy monthly events to meet each other.

Raleigh Founded

With four different locations, Raleigh Founded focuses on community building and prides itself on its close ties to all the local entrepreneurs and businesses it has supported and worked with over its 10 year history. A Day Pass will come in handy to any remote worker drifting through or anyone curious to test the amenities, and comes with free coffee (and even beer!). The office spaces are more modest and classical than with some of the more recent and trendier companies while still offering all the equipment needed, however the 4 different coworking memberships offer great flexibility in beautiful buildings. The Hybrid-Remote Access option gives you 9-5 access to coworking spaces at all 4 locations, while the Unlimited Access option grants you 24/7 access in two locations. Conference rooms as well as insulated phone booths are available, and members benefit from discounts at various local businesses. The Centennial location is part of the NC State Campus, while the Warehouse location houses the NC State Poole College of Management’s Entrepreneurship Clinic, which means that the student community and the entrepreneurs using Raleigh Founded get to come together and learn from each other.

The Loading Dock

The original location of the Loading Dock, called Dock 1053, as well as its Beryl location in West Raleigh, both offer not only the typical coworking amenities, but also cowarehousing spaces for entrepreneurs needing to stock their products or tools or scaling their production. Such an option, offering not only a space to keep your product but also daily pickups, loading docks and temperature control, can make a huge difference for a young business looking to grow! In addition, a Cowarehousing membership comes with 24/7 access to the Loading Dock’s coworking facilities. The classic coworking option is available through different membership levels, from a day pass at $25 giving you access to any of the locations 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, to an Unlimited pass at $250 per month granting you 24/7 access to the coworking space at either location, 4 hours of conference room use, and coffee and unlimited black and white printing. A Dedicated Desk membership is also available, and office suites for 2 to 10 people can be booked for just a day or with a membership. All locations feature inviting design and organize regular member events.


At 1 Glenwood Avenue and spread over three floors stands WeWork’s Downtown Raleigh location. The coworking giant once again delivers, with a professional-looking, bright and enjoyable space featuring all the usual amenities and more: a mother’s room for young mothers, a wellness room, a fitness center and showers, an outdoor balcony, and the entire space is dog-friendly. A Day Pass for a hot desk starts at $29, and the usual WeWork coworking membership grants you access to this and other WeWork locations, as well as offering you monthly credits to book meeting rooms and private offices, and a certain amount of printing. You can also book a private office or a dedicated office space, and easily manage your bookings and membership through the WeWork app.

Spaces The Dillon and Crabtree Terrace

This other staple of coworking spaces has two locations in Raleigh. The Dillon, located Downtown, is a historical building turned modern, while Crabtree Terrace in the Glenwood/Creedmoor submarket is a more recent construction offering just as much light and the same usual amenities. Whether you are looking for a coworking space, your own desk or office space, or a virtual office, different memberships with different levels of attendance (from 5 days, 10 days, or an unlimited amount) are available. As for meeting rooms and printers, a pay-as-you-go system allows you to pay for only what you need. To note, the Dillon location also features a gym and showers as well as an outdoor area.

The Wright Village

Proudly black-owned, the Wright Village offers more than a typical coworking space: its goal is to be a true incubator for entrepreneurs, in particular those coming from underserved communities. Collaboration is promoted and even included in memberships: weekly and monthly group coaching is offered to all members (called “villagers”) and higher levels of membership grant you a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session. From one day per month to unlimited access from 9am to 11pm Monday to Friday, the coworking options are varied, and a few dedicated desks and shared offices are also available. A private office comes at $450 per month, and every membership grants a certain amount of conference room renting hours. In addition, a podcast room can be booked by the hour, and a marketing window in the Village to display your products can also be rented out for a monthly or quarterly fee.

Industrious at Charter Square

With 150 locations around the world, Industrious found its way to Downtown Raleigh and is proving successful with the community. With its tasteful style and offering a lot of advantages to its visitors, Industrious at Charter Square is a good option whether you need a private office (from $665/mo), or access to a bright and friendly coworking space available 24/7 with the Access membership (which also gives you three meeting room hours every month, two guests per month, and the ability to book offices on-demand for a fee). Breakfast and snacks as well as unlimited color printing are also included in memberships, and different membership levels can grant you access to other Industrious locations. The on-site staff is dedicated and the weekly Happy Hours make for a productive yet relaxed atmosphere.

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan

Curtis is a serial tech entrepreneur, content creator and the host of the Remotely Serious podcast on the future of remote work and digital nomadism.


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