15 Top Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires, Argentina

15 Top Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires, Argentina

It’s no secret that coworking is booming in Buenos Aires. The city has seen an explosion of new spaces, both traditional and modern, in the last two years alone. With a growing population of young professionals, freelancers, and entrepreneurs, it’s only natural that this demand for coworking would continue to grow. Argentina is home to the largest number of young entrepreneurs in the world (per capita) outside of Silicon Valley.

As such, the demand for coworking space caters to this audience. In general, these spaces tend to be sleek and modern with amenities like fast internet speeds, printing services, meeting rooms, and onsite cafes for social interaction.

Whether you’re visiting or looking to move there permanently as an ex-pat, here are our top 15 coworking spaces in Buenos Aires!

Coreworks CoWorking

Coreworks CoWorking is one of the most established coworking spaces in Buenos Aires. Originally founded in 2013 as a co-working space by a group of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals, they now boast a community of more than 400 members. The space is located in the heart of the Palermo neighborhood, which is well-known for its high concentration of restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, and parks. Coreworks has a wide range of membership plans, starting at $35/month and going all the way up to $250/month. The price is dependent on the type of membership you choose and how many hours you plan on using the space each week. Their amenities include fast and reliable WiFi, printing services, meeting rooms, social events each month, and an onsite cafe.

GOWORK Coworking

GOWORK is another centrally located coworking space in the heart of Retiro. It’s the largest coworking space in Buenos Aires with over 600 members. GOWORK offers a wide range of membership plans, including packages for startups and entrepreneurs.

Let’s Work Coworking & Institute

Let’s Work Coworking & Institute is another centrally located coworking space in Retiro. This space is one of the newest coworking spaces in Buenos Aires and was founded in 2018 by a group of entrepreneurs who also happen to be educators. Let’s Work is perfect for anyone who wants to learn as they work. They offer courses on entrepreneurship and project management, giving you the tools you need to become a more well-rounded professional. Let’s Work has a variety of membership plans, including a membership that includes all courses and workshops. Their coworking space is located on the ground floor and has a large open-concept space with plenty of natural light. They also have a cafe onsite.

Manawa Coworking Creativo

Manawa Coworking Creativo is a unique space located in the neighborhood of Palermo Soho. This coworking space is more of a hybrid between a co-working space and a co-living space. In other words, they provide members with an alternative to the traditional coworking experience. Manawa hosts regular meetups, events, and workshops. They also offer a fully equipped kitchen, a wide range of social events, and remote work days where you can work from their space while earning Manawa credits. Members at Manawa also have access to a stocked library and a wide range of workshops. Manawa has a variety of membership plans, ranging from $250/month for full-time members to $12.50/hour for remote workers.

Working & Co

Working & Co was founded in 2016 and is one of the largest coworking spaces in Buenos Aires. Their coworking space is centrally located in Retiro, which is home to most of the city’s largest coworking spaces. Working & Co is a great choice if you’re looking for a space that offers plenty of amenities, including fast WiFi, meeting rooms, printing services, and an onsite cafe. Working & Co also hosts regular events and workshops to help foster a collaborative and creative environment.

RAMSAY CoWorking Space

Ramsay CoWorking Space is a centrally located coworking space in Retiro. This coworking space is more geared towards large businesses and enterprises, whereas most of the other coworking spaces on this list are geared towards individuals and small teams. Ramsay CoWorking’s coworking space is massive, spanning two stories with a wide range of meeting rooms, desks, and private offices. They also have a cafe onsite and a large outdoor patio.

Usina Coworking

Usina Coworking is a modern coworking space located in the heart of Palermo Soho. Their coworking space is designed to accommodate groups of all sizes and is equipped with a wide range of meeting rooms and private offices. If you’re in Palermo Soho, then you’re a short walk away from a wide variety of restaurants and cafes. Usina has a wide range of membership plans, including a membership that includes access to other co-working spaces in Buenos Aires. They also have a special deal for ex-pats who are looking to join.

AreaTres El Salvador

AreaTres El Salvador is a unique coworking space that’s located in the heart of San Telmo, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. This space is more of a co-working hub, featuring a wide range of coworking spaces, co-living spaces, and even the occasional pop-up shop. AreaTres is a great choice if you want to be in the center of everything and prefer a more eclectic and unique coworking space.

La Maquinita Co. Villa Crespo

La Maquinita Co. is an eclectic coworking space located in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo. This neighborhood is home to a large number of stray cats, but don’t let that deter you from checking it out. La Maquinita is a great choice if you want to be in a more suburban area outside of the city.

Belephant CoWorking

Belephant CoWorking is a great option for those looking for a more traditional workspace with a few modern amenities. It’s located in the heart of Buenos Aires’s business district, making it ideal for those who want to be near government offices, banks, and multinational companies. The location is modern and has the feel of a tech startup office space in the Bay Area. This space offers members the option to work from home and then come into the office for events and coworking. There’s also a social media and marketing workshop that happens once a week. Belephant also hosts a meetup every month to encourage collaboration and networking.

URBAN STATION Palermo Hollywood

URBAN STATION is a coworking space that’s all about the experience. They call it a “multi-purpose venue and community hub” and they aren’t kidding – you can find yoga, dance classes, cooking workshops, group exercise, and more happening at any given time. The space itself is modern and minimalist with exposed brick and concrete, but it’s incredibly social and casual. This is a great space if you like the idea of coworking but want something a little different – whether it be the events or the social aspect. Aside from coworking, URBAN STATION hosts weekly networking events, and business workshops, and has a cafe onsite.


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Coworking spaces offer a great way to network and collaborate with like-minded individuals. When you work from home, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, but when you work in a shared space, you have the opportunity to make new connections, learn from others, and take your career to the next level. With so many great options in Buenos Aires, it’s hard to go wrong. Whether you want to be in the heart of Retiro or the outskirts of Villa Crespo, there’s a coworking space that’s perfect for you!