Check out the top coworking spaces in the city of Como

Check out the top coworking spaces in the city of Como

A beloved destination for its location close to both the Alps and Lake Como, the city of Como has much to offer, starting with its rich cultural heritage and beautiful vistas.

The leader in the silk industry until recently, the city now sees its economy mostly based on services and tourism, and its countless historical buildings and its proximity to Switzerland make it a particularly interesting stop in any tour of Europe.

Planning a visit? Make sure to check out the best coworking spaces in Como selected by Remotely Serious!


Located in the center of town and very close to the lake, Wip is a creative workspace offering flexible options to suit your needs, starting with light that adapts to the time of day and the choice of rooms with black or white walls. Also an exhibition center for contemporary artists, Wip promotes focus and calm with its modern, minimalist design and its human size. Various options are available, starting with a day pass to work in the communal space at 20€ (get 5 passes for 90€, or 10 for 150€), Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 19:00. A fixed desk membership grants you 24/7 access to your own workstation for 250€/month. Alternatively, you can go online to book a spot at a 4-person table in the lounge space starting at 14€ for 4 hours per person, or for the same price, a spot at a meeting table also in the communal area. Bonus point: the space is dog-friendly!

TRSpace Como - Coworking - Business Center

Right in front of the lake is TRSpace, which resides within Casa Giuliani Frigerio, a building created by Giuseppe Terragni, the master of Italian Rationalism, and the only one from the architect to have been so well preserved since its construction in 1939. With a reduced number of available workstations, TRSpace focuses on comfort and productivity and offers very flexible options. Hot desking is available by the hour or the day, as are private offices (from 22€/hour) and meeting rooms, all equipped with beautiful furniture and filled with natural light. Offices can also be rented out long term, and printers are available.

COWO® Coworking Como Centro

The first COWO location in Como is indeed, as its name suggests, very central and therefore easily accessible. Over 200m2, this clean space full of natural light offers various options (and a car park at only 3€/day is nearby). Hot desking starts at 8€/hour, and a pack of 10 hours (to use over a year) costs 60€. A desk in a shared office (either the MiniVIP, which is 14m2, or the VIP office, which occupies 25m2) will cost you 30€/day or 180/month, and will be accessible to you with your own badge weekdays between 8:00 and 19:00 (access on weekends is possible with a 25% price increase, while 24/7 access comes with a 35% increase). These 2 spaces can also be rented as private offices, by the day (from 40€) or the month (from 400€). The meeting room (which features a historical fireplace!) costs 15€/hour, 60€/half-day, or 110€/day. You can also enjoy the terrace and the relaxation area, and printers and scanners are available. 

Regus - Como, Cecilio

Coworking giant Regus is present in Como’s commercial district, offering a large and tastefully designed space full of natural light. A coworking day pass costs 29€, while a coworking membership starts at 115€ per month for access to the lounge only; 5 days a month of coworking in the dedicated coworking space costs 129€, while an unlimited coworking membership in that same space will cost you 279€. You can also book dedicated offices, from 189€ per month for 5 days/month to 479€ for unlimited access. A dedicated desk in the communal space starts at 205€ per month. A meeting room for up to 4 people can be booked from 18€/hour. 

COWO Coworking Como Lipomo

10 minutes from the center of town, Coworking Como Lipomo is another branch of the COWO franchise and offers many different options within its large space filled with natural light. Workstations in the communal space come in two sizes, with the 120 x 70 cm table costing 15€/day, 60€/week, or 145€/month; the 160 x 80 cm desk comes at 20€/day, 80€/week, or 195€/month. Both models come with a lockable drawer. Private offices of capacities ranging from 2 to 4 people can be rented by the week (starting at 170€) or the month (starting at 530€). A meeting room (for up to 8 people) can be booked by the hour (from 16€/hour) or through packs of hours. A cozy interview room welcoming up to 3 people can also be rented out from 16€/hour, as well as a larger training room. A terrace is at everyone’s disposal and can be rented out for events.

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan

Curtis is a serial tech entrepreneur, content creator and the host of the Remotely Serious podcast on the future of remote work and digital nomadism.


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