Top coworking spaces in Málaga 2024

Top coworking spaces in Málaga 2024
Photo by Elvis Bekmanis / Unsplash

The second-most populous city in Andalusia, Málaga is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe and a center for tourism, construction and technology services. Its campaign to attract international businesses makes it a great place to work from and with the rest of the world thanks to good infrastructure. Culturally speaking, the city has plenty to offer, from museums and sports to gastronomy. Check out the top coworking spaces selected by Remotely Serious for your next visit to Málaga!

Coworking Málaga Centro

Only ​​350 m from Plaza de la Constitución in the heart of the city, Coworking Málaga Centro offers a professional, clean and modern space from which to work. Designed for maximum productivity, the walls are white and gray and the ergonomic furniture guarantees a good level of comfort. Coworking in the common room starts at 90€/month, and comes with 5G WiFi, a printer, a binder and a paper shredder, coffee, tea and water, reception services, and 7h/month of meeting room use. A private office for up to 4 people can also be rented out, starting at 400€/month, while the meeting room – equipped with a white board and a TV – accommodating up to 10 people can be booked online from 15€/hour.

The Living Room Coworking

Calling itself “the international coworking space in Málaga”, The Living Room Coworking puts the emphasis on collaboration and community, across nationalities and industries. Located in the creative Soho district, the space is filled with natural light and the atmosphere is friendly but focused. A pass for half a day of hot desking costs 20€, while an entire day comes at 25€. You can also pay 100€ for just a week, or 175€ for 2 weeks. A multitude of memberships suited to different profiles are also available: the Sunshine option lets you make use of all the common areas (including the sunny rooftop) every day during business hours for 150€/month; the Boomerang membership is better suited to those who travel back and forth a lot and gives you 80h of hot desking to use over a 3-month period, for 250€. If you need more time, the Roadtripper membership grants you 80h per month for 200€/month. Finally, the All Star option gives you your own dedicated desk for 275€/month. Members can access the space 24/7, and a printer and scanner as well as coffee, tea, a ping pong table and a pull-up bar and a punching bag are provided. An app connects all members and relaxing together with a cold beer is encouraged on Friday nights. But the Living Room Coworking has one more card up its sleeve: its workation option offers not only a coworking membership, but also an opportunity to live like a local in a shared flat with other members for 1000€/month, within walking distance of the coworking space. 

La Aduana Coworking 

With two locations, in the historic center and closer to the beach in La Malagueta, La Aduana offers bright spaces and ergonomic furniture for you to stay productive and creative. A flat rate at 160€/month grants you 24/7 access to your preferred location, with your own locker and unlimited access to the meeting room subject to availability. In addition, the space offers a printer and scanner, phone booths, bike storage, a shower, mail and parcel service, fingerprint access, coffee and tea, and a bar where you can relax and meet other members. 

Grow Working

The spacious, wood-floored facilities at Grow Working spread over 1650m2 and are suited to your needs, whether you’re looking for casual hot desking or your own private office. A day pass costs 15€, while a weekly pass at 53€ grants you 24/7 access. The monthly pass at 150€/month gives you a premium table as well as 12h of meeting room use per month and 300 free copies at the printer, as well as extra storage. Self-employed people benefit from different rates: 39€/month or 325€/year grants you access to the common areas and gives you a business address, as well as 2h/month of meeting room access. Offices of different sizes are available, starting with a 15m2 office for 500€/month and going up to 1800€/month for 75m2. The meeting rooms can be rented out for 15€/hour or 80€/day, and a training room is also on offer for 30€/hour or 150€/day.

Innovation Campus - Málaga Palace

Located in the Crópani Palace, a late 18th-century building, this Innovation Campus coworking location is spread over 1500m2, over 4 floors and 2 terraces, and offers many different solutions for all kinds of digital nomads. Hot desking can be booked by the hour for 4€, or 12€ for half a day; a full day comes at 19€ and grants you access between 9:30 and 18:30, as well as 10 free prints. Only in town for a week? Access the common areas between 6:00 and midnight and benefit from 1h of meeting room use as well as 50 prints for 90€. Two weeks will cost you 139€. If your visits are more sporadic, the Flexi Nomad membership at 199€ gives you 18 days of coworking to use over 3 months, 4h/month of meeting room access, a fixed desk and a locker, and 200 prints; other frequencies are possible. Quite conveniently, memberships are also available for half-day access to hot desking at 115€/month. Unlimited, 24/7 access to your own fixed desk comes at 179€/month. 

Coworking La Comanda

In the historical center of Málaga, La Comanda offers bright and comfortable facilities for you to work, whether it be for a day (18€ for access between 8:00 and 21:00), or every morning (90€/month) or afternoon (70€/month). For daily access to a fixed desk, Monday-Friday 8:00 to 21:00, you’ll have to pay 150€. Every coworker can use a separate meeting room for calls and video conferencing, and a printer is available. Private offices accessible 24/7 are also on offer, and a meeting room can be rented out for 30€/hour.