Top coworking spaces in Montpellier 2024

Top coworking spaces in Montpellier 2024

The fastest growing city in France, Montpellier is a particularly attractive and dynamic place. With its warm climate, proximity to the Mediterranean sea and its strong student population (the University of Montpellier is one of the oldest in the world), it attracts a lot of exciting businesses. Remotely Serious has compiled a list of great coworking places in the city for your next visit. 

Cowork'in Montpellier

A not-for-profit organization, Cowork’in Montpellier is a modest but convivial space located in the center of town. Rates are flexible and competitive, from 8€ for half a day and 15€/day, to 195€/month for unlimited access. A coffee machine, a fridge and a microwave as well as bike storage, a printer and a break room are offered to all Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm. The focus is on trust and sharing, so members are in charge of passing each other the keys. 


Located just next to the St Roch train station, Come’N’Work@Aiguillerie is a modern, spacious and luminous place offering a wide array of options. Whether you prefer to work in a dynamic space or a quieter room, or you want a standing desk rather than an armchair, you are bound to find the ideal spot. A day pass is 25€, but you can also pay for several hours in advance or an unlimited number of hours at non-attributed desks for 179€/month. A dedicated desk is 279€/month, while private offices and meeting rooms or various sizes are also available, from 99€/half-day.

Space Coworking Le Paon Montpellier

Only three minutes away from the train station and the Place de la Comédie, Le Paon is a charming and peaceful space offering a bright coworking space as well as a private office and meeting rooms. Fees start at 18€/half-day of hot desking and 75€/half-day of private office use. The meeting room is particularly attractive and can host up to 25 standing guests.

La Ruche

As well as offering coaching and support for young entrepreneurs striving to make the world a better place, La Ruche Montpellier has two collaborative coworking spaces with flexible memberships. A quarter-time membership comes at 99€/month, a full time flexible desk at 175€/month, while a full time dedicated desk costs 295€/month. Private offices are also available, as well as 3 meeting rooms that can accommodate from 6 to 15 people. Coffee and tea are included, as well as a creativity room and a black and white printer. Plus, members can take part in supervised sports and wellness activities.

The Island

Just a 15 minute walk from the train station, The Island is a peaceful haven committed to sustainability and well-being above all. Its coworking room can welcome up to 12 people and is particularly serene, and a terrace is also available for a break or to work outside. A large kitchen cafeteria, calm cabins where to make phone calls or talk more privately, as well as a bike shed are also offered. A booklet of 10 tickets for 10 days of hot desking costs 250€. Private offices are also available at different rates, and rooms aimed at different purposes (including a treatment room) can be rented for a few days per week.  

The Babel Community – Montpellier Antigone 

Located in the Antigone neighborhood of Montpellier, The Babel Community is a modern and highly flexible space providing visitors with a wide range of tools and services, from computer screens to televisions and call rooms as well as a printer and a freely accessible gym. A cafe day pass grants you access to the cafe coworking space between 8:30am and 6pm and costs 10€ if you choose to have breakfast included, or 15€ for breakfast and lunch. If you just want to work, a day pass to the open space is 20€ and grants you access between 9am and 6pm. Closed offices for one person or more are also available as well as 4 equipped meeting rooms of different sizes, starting at 190€/day. All can be booked online.

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan

Curtis is a serial tech entrepreneur, content creator and the host of the Remotely Serious podcast on the future of remote work and digital nomadism.


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