Top coworking spaces in Pescara 2024

Top coworking spaces in Pescara 2024

Pescara is a major city in the Abruzzo region of Italy, sitting on the Adriatic coast and very close to the mountains inland, which influence its humid subtropical climate. It attracts tourists in the summer and is famous as the birthplace of poet Gabriele d’Annunzio, as well as for its renowned jazz festival. Planning a visit? If you want to combine business and pleasure, make sure to check out the best coworking spaces in Pescara as selected by Remotely Serious!

Dinamo Coworking 

Located 15 minutes by foot from the center of town and 10 minutes from the sea, Dinamo Coworking offers comfortable, spacious and bright workstations equipped with ergonomic seats, fast internet, shelves and a locked private drawer. Those can be accessed Monday-Friday, 24/24, by purchasing a pack of 5 day passes at 90€, or 10 for 150€; alternatively, a monthly membership costs €250. The meeting room is the star of the show, however, and comes with a computer, a video camera and a professional microphone. You can use the dining area for a break or a light lunch. 

Coworking Pescara

Spread over 120m2, Coworking Pescara offers 10 coworking stations, as well as a course or conference room, a printer, and a kitchen/bar equipped with a fridge, a coffee machine and a pantry. A coworking day pass comes at 19€, while a weekly pass costs 89€ and allows you to invite one person. The monthly membership at 299€ grants you your own dedicated space, 5 guests, and a day in the meeting room. The conference room can seat 20 people and comes with a projector, and costs 49€ per half-day or 89€ for a full day. 

COWO® Coworking Montesilvano Pescara

In the Montesilvano neighborhood north of Pescara, this COWO space offers workstations in a 120m2 open space, independent offices for 4 to 10 people, a course/conference room for up to 30 people, and a receptionist. Each workstation features a large desk, a chest of drawers, an ergonomic chair, and printer, scanner and fax are available. The space is clean and simple, facilitating concentration, and open Monday-Friday 9:00-19:00. 

CraftLAB Pescara

With an inclination towards photography, CraftLAB is a coworking space on the Western side of Pescara. With white walls and large workstations, it is particularly suited to creative workers, who can access the space on weekdays between 10:00 and 18:00 with a day pass at 20€, a week pass at 75€, or a monthly membership at 200€. Additionally, packs of 10 or 20 day passes are available, starting at 130€. A meeting room can be rented out as well, whether for video conferencing, interviews, or courses. A lab on the premises equipped with various pieces of equipment (a laser cutter, a mill, a lathe) can be rented out to carry out your creative projects, with support from the CraftLAB team.

Fira Station

With a mission to encourage the contamination of ideas, Fira Station is at once a coworking space and an incubator. Located within the central station, it is a good strategic choice for your meetings or to do some work before jumping on a train, and its design is both simple and professional. A day pass to access the open space comes at the very competitive price of 10€ (a half-day costs 5€), while a subscription for 10 half-days will be 40€. Memberships are also available, starting at 440€/month with a 3-month contract, which grants you a personal badge for 24/7 access, your own filing cabinet, up to 300 copies per month and free firewall protection. If you need to work with a small group, closed offices for up to 6 people can also be rented out by the half-day (30€) or the day (50€), or even by the hour (10€). Memberships are also on offer for these private offices, starting at 550€/month with a 3-month contract. Want to bring your teammates with you to the open space to work on a project? Rent out a desk for up to 4 people in the shared space from 440€/month. Finally, you can book a meeting room equipped with a projector, a computer and a 12-station conference table, accommodating up to 25 people, by the hour (20€), the half-day (60€) or the full day (100€).