Top coworking spaces in Rome 2024

Top coworking spaces in Rome 2024

All roads lead to it: the Italian capital needs no introduction! Indeed, Rome has more to offer than can fit in this short paragraph, but we will remind our reader that if you’re looking for nourishment for your belly, your mind and your eyes, few other cities can compete. What you may not know about Caput Mundi is that it also features plenty of great coworking spaces from which to send emails or take calls in between museum visits or guided tours. Check out this list of the best coworking spaces in Rome as selected by Remotely Serious!

Wire Coworking

A few steps away from the Roma Trastevere station in the Ostiense neighborhood, Wire Coworking is located inside a refurbished industrial building – it used to house mills – and offers 120 individual workstations over its 1500m2, as well as 10 offices, a kids room, 9 meeting rooms of various sizes, a cafeteria and a relaxation area, as well as several play areas. The space itself is bright, modern and with plenty of room for everyone to feel comfortable. A daily pass costs €25 and can be used to access the space Monday-Friday, between 8:30 and 19:00; it also lets you use the gym, which is equipped with showers and changing rooms, as well as the gaming area, the kitchen, the library and the phone booths. Coworkers can buy a credit for €8 to have 1h in the meeting room. Need more frequent access? The Wire Flex membership at €200/month gives you 3 days/week of hot desking from 7:00 to 21:00, while the Wire Full option at €300 grants you your own dedicated desk Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 21:00. Private offices can also be rented out from €450/month. Meeting room rental starts at €20/hour, and interview and larger training rooms are also available, as well as a very large event space. You’re bound to find what you need at Wire Coworking!

Millepiani Coworking

Also in Ostiense, Millepiani Coworking features 16 workstations over 380m2, accessible Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 20:00, as well as a 100-seat event space, a meeting and training room with a capacity of 25 people, a kitchen, and a relaxation area. The design is that of a traditional business, but with more color and the benefit of it not being an actual classic office! A day pass costs only €10, a week €50, and a month €75. The meeting room can be booked for half a day (€40) or a full day. The space encourages collaboration and welcomes primarily designers and people working in the creative industries, from cinema to architecture.


At the heart of the historic center of Rome, O.21 is a collaborative space aimed at small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers. With a very stylish decor combining wood, arcade walls and an almost brutalist look, it is a particularly calming place from which to work. Two levels of service are on offer: the premium seats come with a comfortable designer chair, a lockable pedestal and storage. The executive seat, meanwhile, also lets you use an adjustable lamp, a laptop stand, a keyboard and a mouse. Prices vary depending on which level you choose: a day pass for access Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 18:00 costs either €25 or €30; a week pass (40h) costs €110 or €135; and a full month (160h) comes at €365 or €460. A meeting table can be used by all coworkers, but you can also book it separately for €20/hour. A UHD 65" LCD Smart TV is at your disposal for presentations, courses or whatever else.

Ala/34 Coworking & Accelerator

In the Municipio XII neighborhood in the South-West of Rome, Ala/34 is a coworking space particularly keen to encourage the contamination of ideas. Spacious and with an attractive industrial style combining cement floors and metal and wood structures, it features 20 shared workstations equipped with ergonomic chairs, 6 private offices, 3 meeting rooms, and even a ping pong table. A day pass at €20 grants you access Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 20:00 and comes with 2h of meeting room use. A week in the shared space costs €85, while a month comes at €280. A private office starts at €1100. The small meeting room can fit up to 6 people and comes at €30/hour, €50 for 2 hours, €80/half-day, or €150/day. A big (up to 8 people) and an extra (maximum 12 people meeting room) are also available. 

Why Not Co+Working 

North of the city, Why Not Co+Working bills itself as the first pet-friendly coworking space in Rome and firmly believes in the psychological benefits of having your companion at your side while you work on your projects. A more modest proposition but one full of warmth, this space is friendly and comes with all the facilities you’ll need at a smaller price. 12 workstations are spread between two open spaces, and a meeting room accommodating up to 6 people (available every day!) can also be rented out. The first hour of coworking is free for all, then each hour comes at €5. Alternatively, you can pay for a full day at €25. Packs are available for hot desking, whether you intend to be there for whole days (10 days at €200, a month at €270) or half-days (10 for €150, a month for €190). Memberships for more regular use and to have your own assigned desk start at €230/month with a 3-month contract for full time use; with a 12-month contract, the price goes down to €200/month. The meeting room starts at €20/hour, then count €60 for half a day or €150 for a full weekday (for holidays, the cost rises to €220). A 5-hour pack comes at €85. Coffee is unlimited, a printer is available as well as a Smart TV.

Industrie Fluviali 

Located in the Ostiense neighborhood inside a refurbished former wool factory, built at the beginning of the 20th century, Industrie Fluviali is a large post-industrial, stylish space offering many different options. The first hour of hot desking in the shared space, between 9:00 and 19:00, costs €3, and every following hour €2. A 50-hour package costs €90. Everyone has a right to 15 prints, and access to coffee, tea and water. 10 dedicated desks equipped with a private cabinet can be rented out for €350/month. 3 adaptable meeting rooms accommodating 6-12 people can be rented out from €100/half-day, a large conference room comes at €300/half-day, and a 150m2 conference hall equipped with a video projector and an audio system starts at €800/half-day. Other spaces you can use include a bistro, a rooftop terrace and a privacy room.