Top coworking spaces in Toulouse 2024

Top coworking spaces in Toulouse 2024

Toulouse, in South-West France, is a lively and exciting place for many industries. As the center of the European aerospace industry, and with its historical university, it has often been voted the most dynamic city in France. The cultural heritage of the Pink City – a nickname derived from the terracotta bricks used for many buildings – is also significant and worth exploring.

If you’re heading to Toulouse for work, passing by on your way to Paris on the busiest air route in France, or visiting for a holiday but need a few hours of concentrated work, look no further – Remotely Serious has compiled a list of the best coworking spaces in this beautiful city.

Le Patio Numérique

With two locations in the north and south of Toulouse, Le Patio Numérique centers on community, collaboration and creativity, offering a relatively modest but cozy coworking space as well as offices for shared or private use. Membership levels are suited to your needs, whether you are looking for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 days per week in the coworking space, where coffee and tea are free. A call room and a conference room as well as a locker room are available, and any membership gives you some free prints and scans of documents. The 1 day/week membership is 90€ excluding VAT, while the “Kezako” shared office can be rented for half a day for 30€ or a whole day for 50€. A private office, with 24/7 access, comes at 1000€ excluding VAT. You can visit the space virtually on Le Patio Numérique’s website.

Multiburo Toulouse Ramblas

1000m2 of modular, adaptable space constitute Multiburo Ramblas, situated in the Ramblas neighborhood in the heart of Toulouse, with easy transport links to the rest of the city right in front of the building. Offering a coworking space with a bright terrace for your coffee breaks or more private chats, Multiburo’s coworking memberships range from an à la carte option, which lets you pay per hour, per day or per week, up to an unlimited monthly subscription from 315€/month excluding VAT. The private offices can be rented with similarly flexible terms – Multiburo emphasizes adaptability and assistance, with an IT team, admin help as well as networking events. Meeting rooms as well as the option to register your business at this address are also available. In addition, certain coworking memberships grant you access to other Multiburo spaces in France, Belgium and Switzerland, and 3 days of private office usage for free.

Etincelle Coworking 

3 different locations in the center of Toulouse make Etincelle Coworking a key player when it comes to coworking spaces and the location of private offices in the Ville Rose. Opening the Etincelle Wilson in 2014, the company focuses on simplicity and professionalism, while still encouraging collaboration and comfort. With 24/7 access and unlimited coffee and tea, coworking memberships start at 24€/month for 1 day of usage, up to 300€/month for unlimited access and 8 hours of conference room usage at the Wilson location. Standing desks as well as phone booths and meeting rooms are available, while the Victor Hugo location offers 5 private offices for 2 to 8 people. The Wilson as well as the Alsace-Lorraine locations feature conference rooms of different capacities where seminaries and workshops can be held, at very flexible rates.


Lab’Oïkos gets its name from the Greek word for “home” and aims to help entrepreneurs and bigger companies to expand sustainably, in order to preserve our collective home. Located in the St Aubin neighborhood, this coworking space dedicated to corporate social responsibility (the idea that to get through the current economic, environmental and social crises, companies need to have a positive impact across the board) offers desks in an open space that remains industrial but comfortable, starting at 99€ per month for one day. A permanent desk comes at 210€ per month without obligation, and closed offices are also available. Conference rooms of varying sizes, with projectors and paperboards, can be rented out for work sessions, conferences, or parties. You can also organize private events and workshops and tailor the space to your needs.

HarryCow Coworking

Located near the Garonne river in a beautiful, picturesque building with wood floors and exposed bricks, HarryCow offers a lot of flexibility, with no deposit nor obligation. “Nomad” prices start at 4€ per hour and go up to 10 days per month at 150€, for access Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm. The “residents” prices are 1 month for 200€, and 300€ when choosing a dedicated desk with a locker, business address registration and 200 B&W and 200 color copies, with both offering 24/7 access. Private desks as well as meeting rooms of various capacities are also available, and events are organized for members to meet, learn, collaborate and relax. 

La Kooloc

Unpretentious but charming and colorful, La Kooloc offers coworking spaces in different configurations, from regular desks to cozier setups on couches and more discreet solo tables. From 1 hour at 4€, to a day at 20€ or a month at 250€, prices are reasonable, as they are for the private offices, which can also be rented out for just an hour (12€) or by the month (800€). The meeting rooms can welcome from 15 to 40 people and be rented out for half or a full day, with video projectors available. Coffee and tea are unlimited for all and opening hours are 9am to 7pm.

Le Bural - convivial, centre ville

Established in 2018 on Wilson Square, Le Bural is a convivial and professional space that compares itself to “a large shared apartment.” With only monthly memberships available for coworking, each member gets a dedicated desk either full (220€ to 260€) or part-time (150€ to 170€), and private offices are also available (750€ to 800€). For such competitive prices, coffee and tea are not offered and each person must bring his own supply, but a fully equipped kitchen is available for all, as well as a shower. The space is bright with views on the rooftops and is accessible 24/7 since each member has his own keys. Meeting rooms can be rented out for a minimum of half a day, and events are held regularly to encourage collaboration and connection.

Ô Local

The first Ô Local space is located in the former warehouses of the Château du Canal, whose construction began in 1830, making for a particularly beautiful setting in which to get creative and productive. Starting with a “Nomad” offer at 18€ per day from 8am to 6pm to access either of its two locations, Ô Local also offers memberships for just a few days per week from 79€ for one day. The Ô Milieu membership gives you 24/7 access to a shared office with a locker from 229€ per month, with a special 50% discount for people working on projects related to social and solidarity economy or to ecology. Private offices for 4 or 6 people can also be rented out from 1100€ per month, and meeting rooms cost 19€ per hour up to 59€ per day. For relaxation, a terrace and a pool table are available. 

ArtiLect FabLab Toulouse

Located in another historical building, ArtiLect FabLab goes beyond coworking to offer its members tools to build prototypes and objects of all kind – sublimation, UV printer, vinyl cutting to create your communication kits, your packaging or your branding, laser cutting and engraving, 3D printer, electronics lab, as well as sewing machines. Training can be done on site with other professionals, and most of the furniture used by members was built on those very machines. One of the biggest medieval caves in Toulouse has been repurposed to be used as a quiet coworking space or a meeting room, while the FabCafé allows for more discussion and networking. The price structure is very flexible, with an annual membership price of 39€ – the FabCafé is paid by the hour or the day, at 3€ per hour and 15€ per day for members, or 5€ and 20€ respectively for non-members. Usage of the coworking space is paid by the half-day and in packages, from 1 day to use within the month to 40 half-days to use over a year. This great flexibility is rare, and comes on top of the classic features of coworking spaces – printing, unlimited coffee and tea, and even additional screens.

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan

Curtis is a serial tech entrepreneur, content creator and the host of the Remotely Serious podcast on the future of remote work and digital nomadism.


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