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Top coworking spaces in Valencia 2024

Top coworking spaces in Valencia 2024

The third-most populated municipality in Spain, Valencia is a global city that boasts a rich history and a lot of activity, especially in the service sector. Tourism is an important industry, and the city’s port makes it a center of activity for the whole of Europe. Read on to find out all you need to know about top coworking spaces in Valencia before your next visit!

Llum Coworking Valencia

In the very center of Valencia, Llum offers white and spacious rooms for your coworking needs, whether that be for just a few hours or several months. From 9:00 to 18:00 Monday to Friday, you can book a flexible desk starting at 2,5€/hour, with free coffee, tea and water. A 5h voucher costs 12€, while a day pass is only 20€, and from the 10h voucher onwards, you start getting access to the meeting room as well. Fixed desks are available for a minimum of 1 month, starting at 180€ for a standard desk accessible 24/7, and going up to 210€ for a larger desk equipped with a chest of drawers. Office rooms have to be rented for a minimum of 3 months and can accommodate up to 4 people. 2 meeting rooms are on offer, starting at 15€/hour (or 25€/hour on weekends), and subscriptions are also available, going up to an unlimited option letting you book up to 8 hours/week every week, at 180€/month. 

Botánico Coworking Valencia

Located near the Botanical Garden, Botánico offers a day pass at 12€ to access the space any weekday between 9:00 and 20:00, as well as a fixed desk accessible 24/7 through fingerprint technology, with a private drawer, a landline, parcel collection and use of the meeting rooms at 160€/month. A private table for 2 or more people, ideal if you are bringing your team with you but need to stay flexible, can be rented from 299€/month. You can pay from month to month, for extra flexibility, and the space offers a botanical terrace, an office-kitchen, a printer and paper-shredder, bike storage, air conditioning and a good security system. 2 highly adaptable meeting rooms can be rented by the hour: the Boston room (15€/hour) can accommodate up to 6 people in its stylish, relaxed glass-box setting, while the very bright Calathea room (25€/hour or 100€/day) can host up to 15.

Garage Coworking València

The bright and wood-floored space of Garage Coworking, located in the Barrio del Carmen neighborhood of Valencia, offers a motivating and peaceful atmosphere in which to work. The day pass costs 20€ for access any weekday between 9:00 and 19:00, while a 5-day pass can be booked for 70€. A premium 7-day pass at 85€ grants you 24/7 access. A standard fixed pass at 140€ gives you your own fixed desk during the week, while a full time premium fixed pass at 220€ grants you 24/7 access with a digital key, a larger table (2mx1m), personal storage space and use of the kitchen and its facilities. A roof terrace, a private terrace, a relaxation room with a console and a workout bench and bicycle storage make this space extra comfortable and cozy.


Across its 3 locations in Valencia, Wayco offers 6,400 m² for all kinds of modern workers. To focus on just one of these spaces, the Abastos location is housed within a former thread factory and benefits from high ceilings, tasteful and bright brutalist-like style and loads of space - but the other spaces offer different vibes, so it’s up to you! A day pass costs 25€, but a week pass is also available at 95€, granting you access on 5 consecutive  week days. Packs of 10 (190€) or 20 (340€) passes can also be purchased and don’t have an expiry date. Additionally, a rooftop pass at 7,50€ gives you 3 consecutive hours in the week and a drink to work on the rooftop of Wayco Cabanyal. Memberships are also available, starting at 95€/month for 5 days/month on a flexible desk, with 1h/week of meeting room use. The full-time flexible membership at 205€/month gives you unlimited access and 2h/week in the meeting room. For a fixed desk, count 240€/month. Multipurpose rooms as well as more classical meeting rooms are available across the locations, and can be used for events, screenings, classes and more. The smaller rooms can be booked by the hour, while the larger ones can be rented by the half-day. 

Vortex Centro | Coworking Valencia

The central location of Vortex (the other is closer to the beach) is just a few steps away from the Colon metro station, and offers bright, pet-friendly spaces with classic Spanish tile floors and ergonomic furniture. A day pass at 24€ lets you use the common areas any weekday between 9:00 and 18:00, and comes with unlimited phone booth use. A 95€ week pass allows you to work from one Monday to the next Friday, and a voucher for 10 daily passes (with no expiry date) comes at 200€. Very flexible memberships are also available, from a 5 days/month flex option at 95€ to a flex half-day membership, letting you choose between mornings or afternoons in the week, at 150€. The Flex Full membership at 205€ lets you hot desk every week day, while a standard fixed desk option at 220€ gives you 24/7 access to your own desk; choose a fixed desk plus membership at 240€ for a better chair and your own cabinet. 3 meeting rooms of various sizes and a larger, showroom venue can be rented by the hour.

‍Cowork Up - Ruzafa

Cowork Up Ruzafa offers a bright and dynamic space and flexible memberships to better suit your coworking needs. After your free half-day trial, you can get a half-day pass for 12€. A full day of hot desking comes at 18€, while a week costs 80€. An unlimited half-day membership, to work every day from 14:00, costs 95€/month, and an unlimited hot desking membership is 165€ and comes with 2h/week of meeting room use. A fixed desk, meanwhile, is 205€ – but still more options are available. The Ruzafa location offers 2 meeting rooms, accommodating up to 6 people, to be rented by the hour starting at 15€/hour. For larger meeting rooms, check out the Playa del Mar location.

Curtis Duggan
Curtis Duggan
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