Digital Nomad Bloggers, Sites and Influencers — December 2021

Every once in a while, we like to showcase websites, influencers, and bloggers who are making a splash and providing value to digital nomads around the world.

Digital Nomad Bloggers, Sites and Influencers — December 2021
Photo by Jed Villejo / Unsplash

Every once in a while, we like to showcase websites, influencers, and bloggers who are making a splash and providing value to digital nomads around the world.

Here are some sites and people you can follow if you'd like to go deeper into the digital nomad lifestyle.

Green Suitcase Travel
Instagram: @greensuitcasetravel

Green Suitcase Travel (run by Misty Foster) provides travel design and consulting services. They emphasize finding sustainable solutions and leaving a positive impact wherever they go.

Pre-trip planning, trip design, and a post-trip debrief are all available. Accommodations, activities, transportation, and even a post-trip debrief on the carbon footprint impact!

Nomad Flag
Instagram: @nomadflag

Keith from Nomad Flag is a longtime travel writer. provides some great travel writing, a newsletter, and a backlog of the Unpacked: Travel Entrepreneurs podcast. Some great gems on this website are the long-form writing pieces — we especially liked this long read on Georgian wine. Digital nomad writing can often be very self-referential, by its very nature, so we always love to dive deep into good old-fashion travel writing in the style of Pico Iyer, Bill Bryson, or Kira Salak.

Nomad Girls
Instagram: @nomadgirls

Nomad Girls just has some of the most beautiful Instagram pictures we've seen! A community and Instagram account curated by Alina, this is worth following just to get some inspiration for all the beautiful places out there! We are doing a bit more research to see if there is a web presence or services behind this account.

Olumide Gbenro
Instagram: @olumide_gbenro

Olumide Gbenro is a popular remote work influencer who is based in Bali, Indonesia. One ambitious project he launched during the pandemic has been the attempted raising of an NFT sale to create a private island for remote workers. He is also the founder of Digital Nomad Week, and a popular speaker and social media entrepreneur.

Kamya Buch
Instagram: @wanderingkamya

Kamya Buch is an influencer and Instagram traveler with a spiritual approach to travel and a mission to help people get in touch with the more psychedelic aspects of life — and the awakenings that travel can create within. There is no shortage of digital nomad influencers whose focus is on making money (we all need to make money!) but it is great to get in tune with accounts and influencers who are emphasizing the spiritual side of travel.

Christa Romano
Instagram: @christabellatravels

Christa is a prominent influencer with an active Instagram account and a series of courses available that help people learn how to become a digital nomad or improve their skillset in adapting to the digital nomad lifestyle. Her online course may be worth checking out if you are looking for a bit of a push and no-nonsense advice on how to get going

Jan De Jong

Jan De Jong is a Dutch entrepreneur who has spent over a decade building businesses and championing Croatia as a destination for entrepreneurs. This journey hit a meaningful milestone in the last few years as Croatia has launched a new visa for digital nomads.

Instagram: @nomadcities

Health insurance — not just travel insurance, but real, global health insurance — is a critical part of any digital nomad’s journey. Many of the health insurance options people are used to from their home country, government or employer are not necessarily going to help provide coverage in a globally mobile context. Safetywing pitches itself as more than just an insurance broker but rather a “global social safety net”. These kinds of services will undoubtedly continue to be important in years to come for digital nomads.

Alex Fasulo
Instagram: @alexandrafasulo

Alex Fasulo made a name for herself by leaving her world behind in 2015 and eventually ascending to new heights with a freelance copywriting brand that has rocketed her to the top of Digital Nomad influencer charts. The "Freelance Fairy" now has a thriving course business, podcast, and six-figure brand that is supporting her continued digital nomad journey.

That's it for today. If you know anyone else that we should feature in a future installment of this series, don't hesitate to reach out to us: DM @WeAreWayviator on Twitter.