Did you know Dubrovnik is full of cats and Game of Thrones merch?

The Dubrovnik "Old Town" is amazing and worth seeing in your lifetime. This is a fully functioning, medieval town set within a walled fortress.

Is COVID over? + Ukrainians find jobs

Hey Friends, this is Wayviator Weekly. It’s the weekly newsletter from Wayviator.com, coming to you every Friday morning (Pacific time). We are on a mission to help empower people to liberate their work-life and learn about remote work and "digital nomad" opportunities.

Let's be honest — "digital nomad" is a stupid phrase. It sounds kind of silly and it conjures up images of barefoot backpackers, sleeping in dirty hostels around the world, and living out of a suitcase.

Budget backpacking can be one fun way to travel the world — but there are other ways. People are learning to work full-time or part-time professional jobs (not just local low-wage cash jobs) while they travel the world. People with full-time jobs need information about good wi-fi, comfortable coworking spaces, and fun/professional communities to be a part of locally. Remote work is not just for freelance entrepreneurs or the self-employed — the freedom is being extended to many, many employees around the world.

So there is an expanding genre of travel that is neither "budget backpacking" nor "being on vacation".

We're here for the remote workers of the world — and, honestly, for even those people who are NOT working remotely but are just feeling a little bit curious.

Maybe you heard about this "remote work" trend while commuting in snow or rain. Maybe you read a CNN or BBC article about it while sitting in your office. If you have absolutely no experience with being a "digital nomad" or "remote worker", we're here for you too... come along for the ride. Even if you are completely comfortable doing what you are doing wherever you are, you can live vicariously through us :).

It'll be fun...

Alright, here’s what’s in today’s edition:

  • ⚕️"COVID 19 is OVER" 🎉🎉..... or at least that's the sentiment for countries removing restrictions*
  • 🇺🇦 Ukrainian refugees with digital skills can get jobs abroad — we highlight a cool recruiter
  • 🇨🇷 Costa Rica’s digital nomad visa is coming... but facing some bureaucratic delays, does it matter?
  • 🇭🇷 Recapping Dubrovnik