10 Best Employers of record, ranked

10 Best Employers of record, ranked

Navigating the complex landscape of global employment can be challenging for companies looking to expand their operations internationally.

Employer of Record (EOR) services simplify this process by managing payroll, compliance, and other HR responsibilities on behalf of employers. In this article, we rank the 10 best EOR services to help you make an informed decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Deel offers seamless integration with various HR tools, making it a top choice for companies looking for flexibility and efficiency.
  • Oyster HR stands out for its robust compliance features, ensuring that your business adheres to local laws and regulations.
  • Remofirst provides cost-effective solutions without compromising on essential services, making it ideal for startups and SMEs.
  • Papaya Global excels in data analytics, offering insights that can help optimize your HR strategies.
  • Remote is known for its excellent customer support, ensuring that any issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.


Deel is a popular employer of record service thanks to its global network of 200+ local experts which can help companies maintain compliance across the more than 150 markets it represents. It has also started to expand its ability to complete immigration paperwork, allowing companies to sponsor employees in more than 25 markets. As an EOR, Deel provides a range of necessary features, including local payroll management, country-tailored benefits packages, and IP protection.

Deel offers end-to-end management for your international team covering everything from onboarding to termination. Their web app is user-friendly and provides a range of features to help businesses manage their workers effectively. These include international benefits, contract management, and expense tracking. Their integrated contract management function supports advanced customizations such as stipends, signing bonuses, and stock options.

Deel can operate as an employer-of-record in over 150 countries. They own entities in 90+ countries and have focused on global-first companies for a long time. They have been tech-oriented from the beginning, boasting a stellar platform, coupled with solid services.

Key Services

  • International benefits
  • Contract management
  • Expense tracking
  • Local payroll management
  • Country-tailored benefits packages
  • IP protection

Popularity and Scores

Metric Score
Popularity Score 4.4/5
User Score 4.6/5
Product Score 4.5/5

Customer Support

Deel's customer support is highly praised. You get an employment advisor who will help you understand how to best use Deel's international PEO/Employer-of-Record model. This is particularly useful for managing international payroll for various countries outside of the US using one system.

Oyster HR

Oyster HR is a global employment platform designed to hire, pay, and care for international employees while delivering exceptional team member experiences across the full employee lifecycle. Oyster simplifies the process of onboarding, paying, and managing employees worldwide. The platform offers an intuitive dashboard that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate their HR functions, payroll, and compliance across different countries. Oyster’s commitment to compliance is evident through its localized legal and tax expertise, which ensures businesses stay compliant with local regulations.

Oyster Key Services

  • Access to an automated global hiring platform
  • Compliant global employment contracts
  • Onboarding international new hires
  • Contractor misclassification
  • Compliance monitoring
Overall, Oyster HR represents a cost-effective work management solution. If you want to save money without sacrificing quality, then Oyster is a potential option.

Recent Updates

Oyster HR clients can now receive additional assistance securing work visas in 60+ countries as part of their EOR service. On March 11, 2024, Oyster HR expanded its visa sponsorship services to over 60 countries, streamlining work authorizations for global hires. The service makes it easier for companies to hire global talent by using their network of immigration and HR experts to simplify the process of securing visas and work permits.


Remofirst is an Employer of Record (EOR) provider on a mission to free employers from geographical boundaries so they can access global talent. Their platform simplifies the international payroll process, paying your distributed employees in their local currency while summarizing invoices into one payment. Their team of legal experts ensures your payroll operations are always compliant with changing regulations in all 150+ countries they operate in. Remofirst makes an all-inclusive EOR platform aimed toward making remote global hiring a seamless reality.

Remofirst Customers

The notable clientele of Remofirst includes Microsoft, Mastercard, ZocDoc, QED, Labster, and Byrd.

Remofirst Pricing

Remofirst's pricing model is worth checking out. For EOR services, the pricing tier initiates at $199 per employee per month. Contract workers can start using the platform for $19 per month.

Why We Picked Remofirst

Remofirst makes an all-inclusive EOR platform aimed toward making remote global hiring a seamless reality. Its standout features include budget-friendliness and exceptional customer support, where every client is privileged with a dedicated 24/7 account manager.

Papaya Global

Papaya Global is an internationally established SaaS delivering EOR and other HR-related services to businesses looking to expand globally without first establishing a global presence. In terms of compliance, the brand takes things very seriously; it has a highly vetted team of local and legal experts working together across multiple continents. Papaya Global handles payroll in numerous currencies and lets you manage all EOR employees from a single dashboard.

Key Services

Papaya Global's services include:

  • Advanced compliance
  • Liability coverage
  • Employee contract lifecycle management
  • Immigration and visa assistance
  • Data security monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade global payroll processing using an AI-based payroll engine
Papaya Global can help your company simplify global people management. Enterprises can access Papaya’s state-of-the-art automation, security, and BI without replacing their existing payroll system.

Popularity and Scores

Category Score
Popularity Score 4.3/5
User Score 4.5/5
Product Score 4.4/5

Papaya Global does more than cross-border payments. The platform incorporates employee payroll, advisory services, and compliance tools, making it a solid EOR solution for large enterprises to hire, onboard, and manage employees and contractors in over 160 countries.


Remote is a globally distributed HR hub where businesses can process payroll, perform salary simulations, onboard new hires, manage benefits, and take care of most of the administrative tasks of having an internationally distributed team. One of the things we’ve always liked best about Remote is that it wholly owns local legal entities in the 60+ countries it covers. This frees them up to offer more flexibility and speed in services and prices.

Remote is a leading platform that offers comprehensive Employer of Record (EOR) services to businesses globally. With Remote’s EOR services, employers can effortlessly expand their teams by hiring and managing employees in different countries without the need for establishing legal entities or navigating complex international labor laws. Remote takes care of all aspects of employment.

Remote helps companies become global powerhouses by expanding their access to talent beyond their borders, allowing them to hire anyone from anywhere. Their EOR service helps companies remain competitive in the international talent market by lending access to competitive benefits packages.


Multiplier is an employer of record company that provides HR and global payroll services to businesses, allowing them to outsource these responsibilities to a single provider. They're known for their technology-driven approach to HR and payroll services, offering a user-friendly platform for businesses to manage their workforce.

Multiplier can function as the middle-man employer to process payroll, benefits, and other expenses required to manage global workforces. Multiplier also helps businesses with local entities process local payroll in the specific markets they are hiring.

Multiplier Customers

Multiplier is used by many companies with a global footprint, including Amazon, PWC, ServiceNow, Korn Ferry, and Orange Business Services.

Multiplier Pricing

Metric Score
Popularity Score 4.3 / 5
User Score 4.3 / 5
Product Score 4.4 / 5
Multiplier’s EOR platform helps you send contracts in minutes, run payroll, offer insurance, and manage tax contributions in compliance with tax laws in over 150 countries. They also offer 24/5 customer service.

Multiplier has earned its place among the top EOR service providers by focusing on creating a tailored and flexible experience for its clients. Their platform offers a range of services, including payroll, benefits management, and compliance, and can be customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Multiplier’s user-friendly interface allows businesses to manage their global workforce effortlessly, even in regions with complex regulations.


Rippling is the #1 way to manage a global workforce. Rippling costs $8 monthly per employee, but that is just a base fee, and their comprehensive platform offers much more than just EOR services. It also handles your global HR, Finance, and IT, all in one place.

Key Features

  • Integrated platform for HR, Finance, and IT
  • Compliance with Australian regulatory requirements
  • New headquarters in Sydney to support Asia-Pacific market
Rippling has been around for a few years but it feels like they are still working out some bugs. There are certain things that just don't work the way you'd expect. We have recently implemented their global payroll app for our Canadian employees and it doesn't do things like break out vacation time, etc. It has a reporting function but it's a bit hard to get exactly what you're looking for and the charts that it creates don't always display information in the most relevant way.


Skuad is a global HR platform that offers Employer of Record (EOR) services and HR compliance across 160+ countries. The best part about using Skuad's employer of record services is that it is a straightforward and effective approach to hiring and payroll in India. Their services include handling onboarding, cross-border payroll, compliance, and benefits management. Additionally, Skuad offers support for visa and immigration processes, background verification, and global payments in over 100 currencies.

Skuad's unique selling point lies in its ability to provide the best global HR compliance, making it the ideal tool for companies with international remote teams. Their EOR services cover compliance, payroll, and HR administration, addressing the challenges of hiring and managing a global workforce. Skuad's Global Hiring Toolkit equips businesses with essential resources for international HR compliance.

  • Onboarding
  • Cross-border payroll
  • Compliance
  • Benefits management
  • Visa and immigration support
  • Background verification
  • Global payments in over 100 currencies
Skuad aims to simplify the complexities of global employment and provides dedicated support to ensure compliance with local regulations.


Talent500 is a global workforce management software that provides employer of record services to help businesses outsource their employment responsibilities, including hiring and maintaining employee records. It can help you manage your entire employment process, including recruitment and hiring, payroll processing, tax filing, access to operation support experts, and ensuring compliance with local government regulations.

Key Services

  • Compliance with various legal regulations like employment, defining operating zones and labor laws, tax regulations, and insurance requirements is built into the software. It can help you stay up to date with changes in regulations and adjusts its functionality accordingly to mitigate the risks associated with non-compliance.
  • Talent network that can be used to source candidates, design a candidate engagement program, screen applicants, and conduct interviews.
  • Administrative tasks associated with onboarding like background checks and completing new-hire paperwork.
Considering Talent500 as an EOR? First, read my review of its software, services, best (and worst) use case, and more!

Additional Information

  • Free demo available
  • Pricing upon request

Visit Website
Rating: 4.9/5


Foxhire is another key player in the global employer of record landscape of 2024. It provides a reliable solution for onboarding, payroll, and other administrative functions. Foxhire offers a comprehensive range of Employer of Record services in over 100 countries. Their core services include financial, administrative, insurance, and legal matters. All employee personnel and administrative functions can be handled, including payroll, timesheets, and benefits administration.

Foxhire specializes in supporting organizations looking to hire for technical, healthcare, or higher education roles. They ensure the credibility of the workers they employ for you, including detailed license and certification verification for healthcare professionals and nurses, or educational credential verification for college and university hires.

Foxhire is a convenient resource for staffing agencies and recruiters branching out internationally, but its global reach is smaller than some competitors. Additionally, its services and compliance concerns are more U.S.-focused than internationally-focused. As such, it’s probably most suited to entities operating in or wishing to hire employees in the United States.


Choosing the right Employer of Record (EOR) service is crucial for businesses looking to expand internationally while managing compliance and HR complexities. This article has provided a comprehensive ranking of the top 10 EOR services for 2024, based on expert analysis and detailed comparisons. Each of these providers offers unique strengths and capabilities, making them suitable for different business needs. By carefully considering the features, pricing, and overall service quality, companies can make an informed decision that aligns with their global expansion goals. We hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the EOR landscape and finding the best fit for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Employer of Record (EOR) service?

An Employer of Record (EOR) service is a third-party organization that takes on the legal responsibilities of employing workers on behalf of another company. This allows businesses to hire employees in different regions without having to set up a legal entity in those locations.

Why should a company use an EOR service?

A company should use an EOR service to simplify international hiring, ensure compliance with local labor laws, reduce administrative burden, and accelerate market entry without establishing a local entity.

How do EOR services ensure compliance with local labor laws?

EOR services have legal and HR experts who are knowledgeable about local labor laws and regulations. They handle employment contracts, payroll, benefits, and tax compliance, ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

What are the main benefits of using Deel as an EOR service?

Deel offers a user-friendly platform, global coverage, compliance assurance, and transparent pricing. It also provides support for payroll, benefits, and contract management, making it a comprehensive solution for international hiring.

How does Oyster HR differentiate itself from other EOR providers?

Oyster HR focuses on creating a positive experience for remote teams by offering robust support, a user-friendly platform, and extensive resources for employee engagement and development. They also emphasize compliance and cost-effectiveness.

Can EOR services handle employee benefits and payroll?

Yes, EOR services typically manage employee benefits, payroll, tax withholding, and other HR functions. This ensures that employees receive their compensation and benefits accurately and on time.

Is it expensive to use an EOR service?

The cost of using an EOR service varies depending on the provider and the range of services offered. However, many companies find that the benefits of compliance, reduced administrative burden, and faster market entry outweigh the costs.

How do I choose the best EOR service for my company?

To choose the best EOR service, consider factors such as the provider's global reach, compliance capabilities, user experience, pricing, and customer support. It's also helpful to read reviews and compare the features of different providers.

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