Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Estonia vs. Colombia

Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Estonia vs. Colombia

Comparing Estonia and Colombia's Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Being a digital nomad offers many advantages, but living in a country with strict visa requirements can be challenging. Fortunately, Estonia and Colombia are two countries which offer visa programs that may be suitable for digital nomads. In this article, we will compare the digital nomad visa requirements of Estonia and Colombia to help you decide if either country is the right fit for you.


Digital Nomad Visa Program

Cost of Visa EUR80 for a type C and EUR100 for a type D visa
Length of Stay 12 months • Before the initial Estonia Digital Nomad Visa expires, the applicant can apply for a new one. However, he/she is not allowed to stay in Estonia longer than 548 days within 730 consecutive days
Income Requirement Yes - EUR3,504 per month
Taxation Yes - Digital nomads will be taxed under the Estonian Digital Nomad Visa after 183 consecutive days (after living 183 days within a financial year)
Background Checks The relevant administrative authority will review the application in full and conduct thorough background checks
Other Conditions or Requirements
  • Applicants should work online & independent of location:
    • For an employer registered abroad
    • For their company registered abroad, or
    • As a freelancer for clients mostly abroad
  • Must hold documents which prove that the applicant can work remotely
  • Documents providing information about the current work status
  • Documents providing information about the last six months income, its regularity, and its sources
  • Documents about academic and professional history
  • A Valid Passport or Travel Document
  • Medical Insurance or Health Insurance
  • Proof of Accommodation
  • If the employer is not registered in the Estonian commercial register, the employer must register with the Tax and Customs Board as a non-resident employer before commencing activities in Estonia


Visa V- Digital Nomad

Cost of Visa Application fee: US$52 for the study of the application; Visa Fee: Around US$170
Length of Stay For non-restricted nationals:
• The applicants may live in Colombian territory for more than 180 days (the total time of the visa which can be up to two years).
• If the applicant is going to be in Colombia for less than 180 days it is not necessary to apply for a visa.
• The time of granting corresponds to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (up to two years) may vary depending on the study of the application.
For restricted nationals:
• The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not granting these visas to restricted nationalities (those who need a visa to enter Colombia)
Income Requirement Required minimum income of at least three minimum monthly salaries, which is about US$900 per month
Taxation If the person stays more than 183 days in Colombia in a 365-day period, he/she becomes a tax resident
Other Conditions or Requirements
  • The applicant might be required to provide a criminal record check at the time of application
  • The applicant will not be allowed to provide services in local markets in Colombia. The new visa may allow applicant to start a digital technology business operating within Colombia.
  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Proof of legal entry
  • Proof of medical/health insurance
  • Proof of relationship to dependents
  • Bank statements of the last 3 months
  • Passport sized photo

Clearly, there are differences between the two visa programs. Estonia's program has a higher income requirement, but offers a longer stay and a more established digital nomad program with relatively lower taxes. In contrast, Colombia's program is cheaper, but offers a shorter stay and may require the establishment of a local business. On the bright side, it offers more flexible income requirements and is an attractive option for people with stricter budget constraints.


Choosing the right country for your digital nomad lifestyle is critical, and requires careful consideration of your financial status, lifestyle and work requirements. Estonia's digital nomad program is a great option if you're looking for a reliable program with established benefits but can meet the high-income requirement. On the other hand, Colombia is an attractive option if your priority is affordability, flexibility and the opportunity of starting a digital business in the country. Both countries offer unique experiences and are worth considering.