Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Kyrgyz Republic vs. Taiwan

A comparison of remote work visas for Kyrgyz Republic and Taiwan.

Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Kyrgyz Republic vs. Taiwan

Kyrgyz Republic and Taiwan Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Kyrgyz Republic

Located in Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked country known for its breathtaking landscapes, including glaciers, high-altitude lakes, and rugged mountains. Under the pilot project “Digital Nomad”, foreign nationals can obtain a digital nomad status, which allows them to work remotely from Kyrgyz Republic for up to three years.

Digital Nomad Status

The Digital Nomad Status in Kyrgyz Republic is valid until 31 December 2023, regardless of when the status is obtained during that time period. This program allows foreign nationals engaged in various activities to work remotely from Kyrgyz Republic. These activities include software development, analysis, design and programming of information systems and software products, analysis of information needs and user problems, design and development, delivery and documentation of software, making changes to the software according to the task set by the user, exporting information technology, information systems and software, media art, including digital art, creation of virtual and augmented reality, mixed reality, 3D design, animation, graphic design, multimedia design, programming, IT product development, robotics and artificial intelligence, creation of computer and mobile games and cybersports.

Application Requirements

Eligible foreign nationals may obtain the Digital Nomad Status in Kyrgyz Republic through an online portal. The applicant shall submit the following documents:

  • Application
  • The passport of the eligible foreign state
  • Digital picture of the face
  • Income statement or copies of a newly concluded contract, employment contract or service contract for the period from 2021-2022 and/or for the upcoming performance of works and services


Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China, is a developed country in East Asia famous for its bustling cities, scenic mountain ranges, and picturesque beaches. It offers a Gold Card visa program that caters to foreign professionals, including digital nomads.

Gold Card Visa Program

The Gold Card Visa program in Taiwan is aimed at attracting foreign professionals with specific skillsets. To be eligible for the program, the applicant must first apply for a Taiwan Employment Gold Card, which costs between US$122 and US$275 depending upon the applicant’s nationality. For most fields, a monthly salary of at least TWD160,000 is one of the conditions that applicants must meet. However, applicants in fields such as education, culture and arts or sports are not eligible for this option.

If the foreign individual qualified for the immigration incentive regulation released on February 18, 2018 (Qualified for the 1st time ARC with special work permit), and if the foreign individual stayed in Taiwan over 183 days within a calendar year during his qualify special work permit period, then the foreign individual may enjoy 50% tax exemption on the excess of annual wage in the amount of NTD 3 million for a maximum of three years during his permit valid period. Furthermore, visa holders employed in Taiwan can join the National Health Insurance system along with their dependents.

Application Requirements

The Gold Card Visa program sets forth standard requirements that vary based on the field of profession:


Both Kyrgyz Republic and Taiwan offer unique opportunities for digital nomads to work remotely while experiencing a new culture. The Digital Nomad Status in Kyrgyz Republic is ideal for those who are engaged in software development or media arts. The Gold Card Visa program in Taiwan is perfect for those who are skilled professionals in one of the professional industries recognized by the National Development Council. It is important to consider the respective visa requirements, costs, and conditions to decide which destination is suitable. If you're a digital nomad considering these destinations, be sure to explore what each country has to offer, as both offer unique experiences and sights to discover.