Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Namibia vs. Taiwan

A comparison of remote work visas for Namibia and Taiwan.

Digital Nomad Visa Comparison: Namibia vs. Taiwan

Digital Nomad Visa Requirements for Namibia and Taiwan

For digital nomads looking to travel to Namibia or Taiwan, obtaining a visa is necessary. Each country has specific requirements and regulations to follow. Here's what you need to know:


Digital Nomad Visa Program

Namibia provides a Digital Nomad Visa program that offers stays up to six months. Here are the requirements:

Application Fee Around US$62 or NA$1100 upon arrival
Monthly Income Requirements For individual only: US$2,000 monthly Accompanied with spouse: additional US$1000 monthly Accompanied with child: additional US$500 per child monthly
Taxation The applicant might not be allowed to work in local markets of Namibia
Documents Required Duly filled application form, valid health or travel insurance, clearance certificate from the country of origin, marriage certificate if accompanied with spouse, bank statement of the past 6 months, motivation letter issued from employer, copies of qualification, police clearance (original) from the country of origin

Other Conditions or Requirements

  • Required the original police clearance from the country of origin, translated in English
  • Only valid for stays up to 6 months


Gold Card Program

Taiwan offers a Gold Card Program that provides a stay for up to three years. Here are the requirements:

Application Fee Ranges between US$122 and US$275 depending upon applicant's nationality
Monthly Income Requirements For most of the fields of the EGC application, having monthly salary at least TWD160,000 is one of the conditions which the applicant must meet. However, it is not eligible for following fields: Education, Culture and Arts, Sports
Taxation Yes- if the applicant spends more than 183 days in the country, they will be considered as a tax resident. Visa holders who work in Taiwan for the first time will be eligible for 50% tax deduction for the first 5 years on their annual salary over NT$3 million. If the foreign individual qualified for immigration incentive regulation released on February 18, 2018 (Qualified for 1st time ARC with special work permit), and if the foreign individual stayed in Taiwan over 183 days within a calendar year during his qualify special work permit period, then the foreign individual may enjoy 50% tax exempt on the excess of annual wage in the amount of NTD 3 million for a maximum of three years during his permit valid period.
Documents Required Special professionals or senior professional that have made certain special contributions to their field of work or have received national recognition in one of the following professional industries: Science and Technology, Economy, Finance, Education, Culture and Arts, Sports, Law, Architectural Design, National Defense, Special Cases Recognized by the NDC

Other Conditions or Requirements

  • Visa holders employed in Taiwan can join the NHI system along with their dependents
  • Up to 3 years stay
  • Standard Requirements vary basis the field of profession. For more information, click on the relevant field above.

Before traveling to Namibia or Taiwan, make sure you fulfill all of the visa program requirements to ensure a smooth and successful trip.