Top Co-Working Spaces in Playa del Carmen in 2024

Before you book that one-way ticket to Playa Del Carmen, securing the space and privacy to work abroad is key to peace of mind.

Top Co-Working Spaces in Playa del Carmen in 2024

Thinking about heading to Mexico? Why not? It's a digital nomad paradise!

If you dream of sunsets, tacos, margaritas, and levels of hospitality that would make A-listers feel jealous – Playa del Carmen is a dream remote-work location for digital nomads from all over the world.

If you’re planning an extended trip in Mexico, tourists from most countries can stay up to six months – and the Mexican government is not particularly strict about leaving and re-entering on an immediate second tourist visa.

Before you book that one-way ticket, securing the space and privacy to work abroad is key to peace of mind. Luckily, Playa del Carmen is a paradise for travelers and nomads alike—and a great place to set up.

The growing popularity of the area for the digital nomad community has seen the introduction of multiple digital workspaces to help digital nomads make the most of the work-hard/play-hard lifestyle this beach town on the Mayan Riviera offers.


WORK IT is a low-key, 24-hour workspace offering quiet office areas with everything you need to work remotely. Linked to three different Wi-Fi networks, connectivity and internet speeds are nothing you need to worry about, whilst the space itself is home to private offices as well as shared desks.

Members have all-inclusive use of the boardroom, kitchen area, and telephone booths and can enjoy air-conditioning throughout the building – a must-have in the Caribbean. Membership prices to enjoy WORK IT are not listed online – however, you can reach them on multiple social media channels, email, and WhatsApp.


This pet-friendly, 24-hour, comfortable, and well-equipped workspace is located just a minute from the beach in one of the quieter areas of Playa del Carmen. Choose between shared and private workspaces, and enjoy on-site parking, lockers, a meeting and conference room, and private phone booths to make uninterrupted calls.

It’s not all work and no play, BUNKER is also home to an outdoor patio, recreational areas, and unlimited free coffee and snacks are offered to all members. Prices start at $14 USD per day, $61 per week, or $162 for monthly access.


Offering a professional environment, with shared desks as well as private offices and a conference room, COwork-in has the highest internet speed in Playa del Carmen. The office is fully air-conditioned throughout all workspaces, with an onsite kitchen and unlimited free tea and coffee (cookies too!). An outdoor terrace creates a comfortable environment to take a break or set up your office for the day out in the sun, allowing you to make the most of the Caribbean sun.

Prices for COwork-in start at $50 MXN per hour, or $249 MXN (just over $10 USD) for shared workspaces, and $100 MXN per hour, or $499 MXN per day for private spaces and use of the conference room and a limited number of prints and/or scans – weekly and monthly memberships are also available.

Nest Coworking

Nest Coworking offers an eco-friendly approach to coworking. Located in the center of the city – just meters from both the beach and the busy Fifth Avenue it’s a great spot for those looking for a quiet desk in the heart of the action. Enjoy fiber optic internet, a receptionist, lockers, air-conditioning throughout, hammocks, a kitchen, a smoking area, and unlimited tea, coffee, and snacks.

The space is uniquely divided into four different work areas, a dimly lit area for focus and creativity, an area for networking, a meeting room, and several outside areas allowing members to work (and relax) outside too. Prices start at $15 USD per day, $75 USD per week, or $250 USD for a monthly membership.

Work Zone Coworking

This back-to-basics coworking space provides comfortable shared desks, with a fast and reliable internet connection, a meeting room, and unlimited printing and scanning. The office is just blocks from the beach and you can use one of the office bicycles to get there when you want to take a break from your desk.

As well as a workspace, Work Zone is also home to a large outdoor terrace, a patio equipped with hammocks and a “break room” with nap spaces, video games and a large screen to escape and watch a film. Memberships start at $15 USD per week, $60 USD per month with part-time and full-time monthly memberships also available.

Selina Playa del Carmen

Unlike the other coworking spaces listed, Selina Playa del Carmen is part of a chain of hotels that accommodate digital nomads throughout Mexico and Latin America. You can either book to stay in the hotel, with the price of the space factored into the cost of the room, or use the coworking space on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis as a member or guest.

All members and guests can enjoy access to shared and private workspaces, a wellness center, a bar and restaurant (additional cost), a swimming pool, and yoga lessons – as well as everything you would expect from a well-equipped shared workspace.

Enlaces Corporativos

Enlaces Corporativos, or Corporate Links, is one of the oldest co-working spaces in town. With over 10 years of experience, onsite parking, and a great central location in the business district it is a top choice for both digital nomads and locals who work remotely.

Choose from private and shared offices, meeting rooms, and even virtual offices. The building also offers air-conditioning, a relaxing room, high-speed Wi-fi, and a secretary - with memberships starting at $6USD per hour, $30 USD per day, or $440USD per month.


If the idea of coworking spaces intimidates you but you want a space with reliable internet connection, comfortable seating, air-conditioning, and unlimited hot drinks, Starbucks is a great place to “feel at home”. Most Starbucks will allow you to use a table for as long as you have food or drink (purchased from Starbucks) on the table, and you don’t take up too much space.

All Starbucks offer free Wi-fi, power outlets, and onsite bathroom facilities – although they won’t be as quiet as other coworking spaces in Playa del Carmen. There are at least 10 different Starbucks locations throughout the city, so wherever you’re staying within the city you’re likely to find one close.