What to pack on a 14-hour flight

What to pack on a 14-hour flight

When preparing for a 14-hour flight, it's essential to pack the right items to ensure comfort and convenience throughout the journey. From clothing items to travel accessories and comfort essentials, being well-prepared can make a significant difference in your travel experience. Here are the key takeaways to keep in mind:

Key Takeaways

  • Pack comfortable clothing like leggings, t-shirts, pajamas, shorts, bathing suits, a sweatshirt, and undergarments for a long flight.
  • Bring travel accessories such as an iPad, wallet, toiletries, an inflatable wedge pillow, and compression straps to make your journey more convenient.
  • Include comfort items like a fleece blanket, earplugs, and a phone mount to enhance your in-flight experience.

Essential Clothing Items


When preparing for a long-haul flight, comfort is key, and leggings are a traveler's best friend. They offer flexibility and ease of movement, which is crucial during a 14-hour journey. Many travelers have praised leggings for their softness and stretchiness, making them an ideal choice for staying comfortable in a cramped airplane seat.

Opt for a pair with deep pockets to keep your essentials within reach, and consider materials that are smooth to prevent pilling.

Here's a quick checklist of features to look for when choosing the perfect pair of leggings for your flight:

  • Soft, stretchy fabric
  • Opaque material for privacy
  • Deep pockets for convenience
  • Smooth texture to avoid pilling

Remember, the right pair of leggings can make a significant difference in your travel experience, ensuring you arrive at your destination feeling as relaxed as possible.


When it comes to long-haul flights, comfort is key. T-shirts are a travel staple because they're lightweight and versatile, making them perfect for layering or wearing alone. Opt for materials that breathe well, like cotton or moisture-wicking fabrics, to ensure you stay comfortable throughout your journey.

Remember, it's always a good idea to pack an extra T-shirt in your carry-on. Spills and unexpected delays can happen, and having a fresh shirt to change into can make a world of difference.

Here's a quick list of T-shirt attributes to consider:

  • Softness: A soft T-shirt can enhance your comfort.
  • Fit: Choose a fit that's not too tight or too loose.
  • Durability: A well-made T-shirt can withstand multiple washes, making it ideal for travel.
  • Style: A variety of colors and styles can help you feel put-together even when you're on the go.


When embarking on a long-haul flight, comfort is key, and pajamas are your best friend for overnight travel. Opt for a soft, breathable fabric to ensure a cozy rest in the cabin's controlled climate. Here's a quick checklist for your perfect pajama set:

  • Soft material (cotton or fleece)
  • Elastic waistband for comfort
  • Minimal buttons or zippers
Remember, the right pajamas can make a significant difference in your sleep quality during the flight. Choose a pair that feels like a second skin and allows for unrestricted movement.

Many travelers have found success with pajamas that double as casual wear, allowing for a seamless transition from plane to hotel room. With the right pair, you'll be ready to curl up for a nap or stretch out to watch a movie without a second thought about your attire.


When packing shorts for your 14-hour flight, consider the climate of your destination and the level of comfort you wish to have during the flight. Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are ideal for keeping you cool and comfortable, especially if you're traveling to a warm location.

  • Cotton Shorts: Perfect for warm climates, offering breathability.
  • Linen Shorts: Lightweight and highly absorbent, ideal for humid destinations.
  • Athletic Shorts: Suitable for those who prioritize comfort and flexibility.
Remember, the key is to choose shorts that won't constrict movement and will allow you to relax during the long hours in the air. Opt for a pair with a stretchable waistband for added comfort.

Bathing Suits

Packing a bathing suit for your flight might seem odd, but it's a smart move if you're heading to a destination with a pool or beach. Having your swimwear handy means you can dive right into relaxation mode upon arrival.

  • For women: Consider a versatile one-piece that can double as a bodysuit under a skirt or shorts.
  • For men: Swim trunks that can pass as casual shorts offer functionality and style.
Remember, the goal is to maximize your luggage space with multi-use items. A bathing suit that can serve different purposes is a perfect example of efficient packing.

If you're traveling with family, here's a quick checklist to ensure everyone has their swim essentials:

  • Swimsuits for each family member
  • Swim caps for pool swimmers
  • Goggles if planning to swim laps
  • A compact, quick-dry towel

By including these items, you'll be prepared for any impromptu swim opportunities without having to shop for essentials at your destination.


When it comes to long-haul flights, comfort is key, and a good sweatshirt can be your best travel companion. Opt for an oversized hoodie, which not only provides warmth but also comes with convenient features. For instance, some hoodies include a built-in eye mask—perfect for blocking out cabin light and catching some Z's. A large kangaroo pocket can keep your essentials within reach, and the soft cotton fleece fabric offers the ultimate cozy experience.

Remember, the right sweatshirt can double as a pillow in a pinch, offering extra support during your flight.

While style is a personal choice, functionality should not be overlooked. Here's a quick list of features to consider when selecting your travel sweatshirt:

  • Built-in eye mask for sleep
  • Large pockets for personal items
  • Soft, comfortable material
  • Easy to layer over other clothing

Choosing a sweatshirt from a brand that values quality and ethical manufacturing, like a woman-led, Asian American–owned company, can add a sense of pride to your travel wardrobe. Comfort and style don't have to be mutually exclusive, even at 30,000 feet.


After ensuring you have packed enough undergarments for your journey, it's time to turn your attention to the travel accessories that will make your 14-hour flight more bearable. A well-organized travel wallet is indispensable for keeping your documents and cards in order. It's not just about having your passport and boarding pass at hand; it's also about having a secure place for your money and any other important papers.

  • iPad: For entertainment or work.
  • Wallet: To keep your documents, cards, and cash organized.
  • Toiletries: For freshening up during or after the flight.
  • Inflatable Wedge Pillow: To support your back or legs.
  • Compression Straps: To keep your luggage compact and easy to handle.
Remember, the key to a stress-free flight is preparation. Ensure each item is easily accessible and ready to use when you need it.

Travel Accessories


Bringing an iPad on your long-haul flight can transform your travel experience. Not only does it serve as a compact entertainment hub, but it's also a versatile tool for any last-minute work or reading. Ensure your iPad is fully charged and consider downloading movies, books, or games beforehand to avoid relying on in-flight Wi-Fi.

  • Fully charged device
  • Pre-downloaded content
  • Protective case
  • Charging cable and adapter
An iPad can be a lifesaver during long flights, offering a range of activities from watching movies to catching up on work. Its lightweight design and long battery life make it an ideal travel companion.

Remember to pack any necessary accessories such as a protective case to prevent damage and a charging cable with an adapter compatible with your destination's outlets. With your iPad prepared, you'll be set for hours of entertainment or productivity.


A wallet is an indispensable travel companion, especially on long flights where organization is key. Ensure your wallet has RFID-blocking technology to protect your personal information from unauthorized scans. A well-designed travel wallet can keep your essentials like your passport, boarding pass, and currency secure and easily accessible.

  • Boarding pass compartment
  • Passport compartment
  • Multiple credit card slots
  • Separate coin purse
  • Key holder and pen slot
Opt for a wallet with various compartments to keep your travel documents tidy. A separate coin purse can be particularly handy for international travel where you might accumulate different currencies.

Travel wallets come in various styles and sizes, so choose one that fits your needs and personal taste. Whether you prefer a classic bi-fold or a more innovative design like a wristlet with a hidden compartment, the right wallet can make all the difference in keeping your valuables safe and organized during your journey.


When preparing for a long-haul flight, ensuring you have the right toiletries can make all the difference in arriving refreshed. Opt for a travel toiletries set that is TSA-friendly to avoid any hassles at security. These sets often include bottles and jars designed to meet the liquid restrictions, making them perfect for carrying your favorite hair and skincare products.

Packing your toiletries in a water-resistant cosmetic bag is a smart move. Not only does it protect your belongings from spills, but it also keeps everything organized. Look for one that unfolds into multiple compartments to easily access all your essentials.

Here's a quick checklist of toiletry items you might want to include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Body wash
  • Facial cleanser
  • Moisturizer
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Razor and shaving cream

Remember, the goal is to pack light but effectively, so consider multi-purpose products and those that come in solid form to save space and reduce the risk of leaks.

Inflatable Wedge Pillow

An inflatable wedge pillow is a game-changer for long-haul flights, providing a comfortable way to catch some sleep without the awkwardness of resting your head or arms in uncomfortable positions. Slide your arms through the bottom and rest your head on top to drift off even when you're seated upright.

This versatile travel accessory not only helps you sleep better on the plane but also serves as a back rest. Its compact design inflates and deflates within seconds, making it a convenient addition to your travel gear.

Many travelers have found this pillow to be a valuable investment for comfort during flights:

  • Inflates quickly and easily
  • Offers versatile positioning
  • Does not rely on the tray table
  • Compact and easy to carry

Prices start at $24.99, and you can choose from a variety of colors to match your travel aesthetic. Ensure your next flight is a restful one by including this essential item in your carry-on.

Compression Straps

After securing your essentials with compression straps, consider the convenience they offer. Compression straps are not just for keeping your luggage compact; they also serve as a handy tool for attaching extra items to your bag. This can include anything from a pillow to a jacket, ensuring you have easy access to your belongings without the hassle of juggling them through the airport.

Compression straps can be a traveler's best friend, especially when navigating through crowded terminals or making tight connections.

When selecting compression straps, look for features such as durability, ease of use, and compatibility with your luggage. Some straps come with additional buckles and hooks for extra convenience. Here's a quick list of things to consider when purchasing compression straps:

  • Durability and material quality
  • Length and adjustability to fit various bag sizes
  • Additional features like hooks or buckles
  • Ease of securing and releasing

Remember, a good set of compression straps can make your travel experience much smoother, allowing you to move freely and with confidence.

Comfort Items

Fleece Blanket

Bringing a fleece blanket on your long-haul flight can be a game-changer for comfort. Lightweight yet warm, a fleece blanket provides the perfect balance for the fluctuating temperatures on a plane. Passengers often find the cabin too chilly, and the provided blankets may not suffice. A personal fleece blanket ensures you stay cozy throughout your journey.

The soft texture of fleece is not only comfortable but can also serve as a soothing element, helping you relax and possibly sleep better during the flight.

Many travelers have praised the convenience of packing a fleece blanket, noting its compactness when folded. It's a small addition to your carry-on that can make a significant difference in your travel experience. Remember to choose one that's easy to pack and doesn't take up too much space.


Ensuring a peaceful rest on a long-haul flight can be a challenge, especially when surrounded by the inevitable noise of the aircraft and fellow passengers. Earplugs are a simple yet effective solution to this problem, offering a respite from the cacophony that can make sleep elusive.

When selecting earplugs, consider their noise reduction rating (NRR) and comfort. The right pair can significantly enhance your ability to sleep and enjoy a more relaxing flight experience.

Many travelers have found success with moldable silicone earplugs, which can be shaped to fit the contours of your ear canal, providing a snug and secure fit. Here's a quick comparison of popular earplug options:

Brand Material NRR Price
Mack's Silicone High $8.99 - $24.99

Remember, while earplugs are great for blocking out unwanted noise, they should still allow you to hear important announcements or alarms. With the right pair, you can create your own personal 'do not disturb' zone, even at 30,000 feet.

Phone Mount

After settling into your seat for a long-haul flight, a phone mount can be a game-changer for entertainment. It allows you to watch movies or shows hands-free, making the hours pass by a little easier. Passengers have found it convenient when attached to the tray table or even on a carry-on handle during layovers. Its versatility extends beyond travel, as it can be used at work to keep your phone at eye level or at home for comfortable video watching.

The right phone mount can transform your in-flight experience, offering a stable and adjustable way to keep your device in view without the hassle of holding it.

While some may overlook this accessory, those who've incorporated it into their travel kit swear by its utility. It's not just about convenience; it's about creating a personal viewing space in the often cramped quarters of a plane. Remember to check compatibility with your devices and consider the mount's clamping mechanism for a secure fit. Here's a quick rundown of what to look for:

  • Compatibility: Ensure the mount fits your phone or tablet.
  • Adjustability: Look for a mount that offers multiple viewing angles.
  • Stability: A good mount should stay in place once secured.
  • Portability: Opt for a lightweight and compact design for easy packing.


In conclusion, preparing for a 14-hour flight requires careful consideration of essential items to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable journey. From packing versatile clothing options to investing in travel accessories like an inflatable wedge pillow and a hands-free phone mount, the key is to prioritize comfort and convenience. By packing smartly and choosing the right travel gear, you can make the most of your long-haul flight experience. Bon voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many leggings can I pack for a 14-hour flight?

You can fit approximately four pairs of leggings for a 14-hour flight.

What is the price range for the inflatable wedge pillow?

The inflatable wedge pillow is available for $59.99 and above in four colors.

How did the fleece blanket help during a 14-hour flight to Japan?

The light warmth of the fleece blanket helped the user to nod off to sleep comfortably during the flight.

What are the key features of the backpack with compression straps?

The backpack with compression straps is compact, quick to inflate/deflate, versatile in positioning, and doesn't rely on the tray table for support.

How did the phone mount enhance the travel experience?

The hands-free rotating phone mount allowed the user to watch movies or shows without struggling to prop up the phone, making travel entertainment easier.

What is the benefit of using Mack's earplugs during a flight?

Mack's earplugs mold to the shape of your ear, canceling out noise and allowing for relaxation and uninterrupted rest during the flight.