Running Remote 2023: Sessions We're Excited About

Running Remote 2023: Sessions We're Excited About

Running Remote Conference takes place on April 25th and 26th in Lisbon

This month, we're returning to an annual remote work event we covered last year: Running Remote.

Running Remote is a remote work conference that has a stronger focus on remote work in the enterprise context. Other 'remote work' and 'digital nomad' conferences cater to individual entrepreneurs and workers who are pursuing a location-independent lifestyle: Running Remote places a higher focus on larger organizations and how they can adapt to a world where remote work may be a permanent norm.

Running Remote 2023 will be held for two and a half days (May 16th + 17th) at the SUD Lisboa venue on the north bank of Lisbon's Tagus River, in the heart of Lisbon's world-famous maritime city center.

The conference is not specifically a Portuguese or European conference. It has a history of rotating through various global locations annually. Some pandemic-era conferences were held virtually.

The 2022 edition of the conference was held in Montréal, Canada last May.

A new, more sobering year for remote work in the enterprise

The 2022 edition was an exuberant affair in a trendy part of old Montreal, and it took place at the height of a period of quasi-post-covid elation — the masks were off, many people were seeing each other in person for the first time since 2019, and fast-growing remote-focused companies populated the trade show floor.

Venture capital flowed fast and furiously throughout 2020 and 2021, so remote-focused companies tackling problems like global payroll, health insurance, and team collaboration were flush with cash and ready to do a full-court PR press.

The spring of 2023 is an altogether different environment:

It's clear that not all companies that raised mega-rounds in 2020 and 2021 will be able to live up to their insane valuations or raise the next mega-round.

Hundreds of thousands of tech workers have been laid off in the last year. If you expand the lens beyond the tech sector specifically, it's more like millions of jobs that have been destroyed by economic pressures in recent times.

Many of the folks who were part of a generation of workers taking advantage of flexible work policies have been called back to the office or laid off.

It's a new age of austerity, and companies that previously may have felt they had less leverage with respect to negotiating remote work policies are now forcing people to return to the office.

But it's definitely not time to eulogize the remote work era. From the perspective of Running Remote 2023 attendees, this entire trend is still just getting started.

Remote work enters a new era

Large companies are not the only game in town — if influencers on Twitter and Instagram are to be believed, there's never been more people pursuing a location-independent lifestyle.

Growth in remote work statistics may come more from entrepreneurs and nimble startups in 2023 than from large behemoths expanding their remote work policies.

And there the entire world is still on the precipice of a major shift in how people choose to live, work and organize their entire lives.

Let's preview some sessions that will cover how remote work is changing the world and the workplace.

Lisbon, Portugal — Image courtesy of Running Remote 

Sessions we'll be watching at Running Remote 2023 in Lisbon

Ryan Chartrand: Future of Remote Predictions (Thursday, April 25th, 9:10 AM local time)

As a Future of Work Pioneer and the former CEO of X-Team, Ryan Chartrand has a wealth of knowledge and experience in remote work.

We're excited to hear his predictions on the future of remote work, as it's a field that continues to evolve rapidly.

Ryan's insights will provide valuable guidance for organizations and individuals looking to adapt to and thrive in a remote-first world.

It's always good to get the long view of someone who has been in the space for a long time.

Mark Cruth, a modern work designer and evangelist at Atlassian, will be sharing insights from Atlassian's latest research on how teams and individuals work today.

We can't wait to learn about both the expected and unexpected trends in modern work, which will help us better understand how to navigate the changing landscape of remote work and create more efficient, productive, and successful teams.

Casey Fenton: Creating an Ownership Mindset - Remote Teams (Thursday, April 25th, 12:50 PM local time)

Casey Fenton, CEO and Founder of Couchsurfing and CEO of Upstock, is an expert in cultivating a sense of ownership and inspiring leadership in remote teams.

His talk on creating an ownership mindset, focusing on worker equity, promises to be an eye-opening and inspiring session that will provide actionable strategies for fostering stronger, more engaged remote teams.

Look for a deep, experienced, historical perspective from someone whose experience in "living and working remotely" goes back to at least 1999, the year Couchsurfing was founded.

A promotional image with Running Remote attendees, a speaker and merch lanyards
Promotional image from Running Remote 2022

As Managing Partner of Remote Law Canada, Tara Vasdani has extensive knowledge of the legal implications associated with remote work.

Her talk will cover the most critical legal considerations for remote employers and employees, providing invaluable information for anyone involved in the remote work ecosystem.

Alongside the breathless positivity and utopianism from remote work evangelists and zealots, it's important to remember that the world is not a playground that people can simply traverse without respect for tax and immigration implications. Practical tips on the legality of remote work are a welcome addition to the schedule.

Alina Gonzalez & Mauro Guevara: Visit Buenos Aires (Thursday, April 25th, 5:40 PM local time)

Alina Gonzalez, General Manager at Visit Buenos Aires, and Mauro Guevara, General Director of International Relations Visit Buenos Aires, will be showcasing their beautiful city as a remote work hub.

We're excited to learn about the opportunities and amenities that Buenos Aires has to offer remote workers and digital nomads, and how the city is positioning itself as a top destination for the future of work.

Remote work has the potential to revolutionize cities that embrace it and dedicate effort to attracting remote workers.

But as Lauren Razavi wrote about in Global Natives — how do you attract remote workers without imposing real or perceived externalities on local economies?

Gonçalo Hall: Why Certain Government Remote Work Programs Work Better Than Others (Friday, April 26th, 10:00 AM local time)

Gonçalo Hall, CEO of Nomad X, will be analyzing government remote work programs from around the world, discussing the factors that contribute to their success or failure.

This talk will offer a fascinating look at the intersection of public policy and remote work, shedding light on best practices that can help governments better support their remote workforces.

One of Gonçalo's latest projects was the launch of the Pipa nomad village in northeastern Brazil. His nomad villages are reference points for communities that truly support the digital nomad demographic as a core mission.

A northeast Brazilian beach with waves
Pipa, Brazil

Fostering Connection and Culture in Distributed Teams (Friday, April 26th, 12:50 PM local time)

A panel discussion with:

  • Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist and podcaster at About Abroad
  • Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of New Ways of Working at Mural
  • Annie Dean, Head of Team Anywhere Atlassian
  • Darren Murph, VP of Workplace Design and Remote Experience at Andela

The panel will be participating in a panel discussion on fostering connection and culture in distributed teams.

Panelists sit on a Running Remote stage, flanked by a virtual attendee in a conference venue
A panel discussion from Running Remote 2022 in Montreal, Canada

We're eager to hear their expert opinions and experiences in building strong, connected remote teams and cultivating a positive remote work culture.

For a full rundown of the schedule, including the sessions mentioned here, head to the official Running Remote schedule page.