10 Top Coworking Spaces in Paris 2023

Although Paris is known for its world-renowned cuisine and being the "City of Love," it also boasts a rapidly growing technology industry and startup scene that draws digital nomads from all corners of the world.

10 Top Coworking Spaces in Paris 2023
(Clement Souchet)

Paris, France, is a dream travel destination for many people. This city is steeped in history and overflowing with art and romance.

Although Paris is known for its world-renowned cuisine and being the "City of Love," it also boasts a rapidly growing technology industry and startup scene that draws digital nomads from all corners of the world.

When staying in Paris, consider one of the following ten coworking spaces if you're looking for the best of the best.

Mozaik Coworking

At Mozaik Coworking, you can unplug from the world and focus on your work in an area full of charm and inspiration. With interesting designs waiting around every corner, there is so much to explore at all three of their Paris locations.

A monthly hot-desk plan grants you 24/7 access to the office, five hours of available meeting room time, and mail services for just €330 per month. Resident plans give you more meeting room time and unlimited black-and-white printing services. Available plans and prices may vary by location.


Located in a historic former 19th-century convent, L'Archipel is a coworking space with a good cause. It is operated and maintained by the Aurore Association, which aims to help homeless people and those battling addiction reintegrate meaningfully into society.

The stunning architecture of L'Archipel can't help but inspire awe. The space offers 30 cozy and stimulating coworking spots to choose from, each with a unique feel. With a wide network of professional connections, L'Archipel is ideal for young entrepreneurs looking to make big social change.

Remix Coworking Paris

Are you someone who likes to shake things up? If so, Remix Coworking Paris is the perfect spot for you. Remix Coworking goes against the status quo to foster a community of like-minded professionals who inspire and assist one another. They have three carefully placed locations around Paris, each with fully equipped shared and private offices.

When you join Remix Coworking, you also get access to over 100 exclusive events they host throughout the year. These are great opportunities to network for business or just hang out and make new friends.

Cool & Workers

Nestled in the heart of Paris is Cool & Workers, a unique coworking space that occupies a former private mansion. Although the space has been transformed, a hint of luxury can still be felt in the atmosphere.

Spread across three stories are a cozy coworking café, sophisticated meeting rooms, custom office suites for up to 30 people, and even a contemporary event space for seminars and workshops.

Whether you're there for three hours or three weeks, you have full access to all of the lounge areas, shared workspaces, a kitchenette, and a picturesque terrace garden.

Le 10h10 Coworking Café

At 10h10 Coworking Café, the day-to-day operations are driven by a desire to create a radically different workplace than what you're used to.

This coworking space is extremely comfortable and flexible, and it can adapt to your needs. Whether it's just for an hour or the whole day, you only pay for what you need. And with free coffee and snacks to fuel your work, you can maintain peak productivity all day long.


Centrally located in the third arrondissement of Paris, Unicorners provides remote workers with a reliable internet connection and space to work for as little as €5 per hour or €24 per day. Bigger packages are available for multiple days and for teams, but purchasing a day pass is the best way to get a feel for the area to see if it works for you.

While you're at Unicorners, you can soak up all of the good vibes of the friendly and welcoming atmosphere while you sip on a cup of coffee and search for inspiration.

Greenspace Paris

Greenspace Paris is a haven for nature lovers in every professional field. With lots of natural light and elements of nature sprinkled throughout the entire building, you never feel holed up or trapped in an office. The crisp and contrasting colors spark creativity in even the most bogged down, creativity-blocked minds.

Overall, the space has been described as engaging and energizing but peaceful at the same time. The most basic monthly coworking plan grants you access to mail services, relaxation areas, well-being sessions, and 24/7 access to the secured premises for just €300 per month.

WeWork — 198 Avenue de France

Since WeWork is known worldwide for professional workspaces and flexible membership options, many people feel like it's the safest bet when working in a foreign country.

At this particular 198 Avenue de France location, WeWork has several distinct and unique work, lounge, and recreation spaces to choose from. The stylish modern design provides fresh energy and a constant supply of inspiration for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and entire teams.

Some additional amenities include enhanced cleaning services, ample bike storage, showers, a wellness room, and business-class printers.


At myCowork, individuals and teams can meet, connect, and work in a bright modern space. Flexible payment plans make it easy to only pay for what you need, while the fully furnished shared coworking space means that you can get exactly what you’re looking for.

Although the coworking space is suitable for teams, it may be hard to find an open spot big enough for everyone on your team during particularly busy days. Luckily, myCowork also has private offices that you can rent to guarantee your team has a quiet place to work and collaborate.

Nuage Café

For a quirky, modern coworking café, look no further than Nuage Café. Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, it's close to many restaurants, hotels, parks, and other attractions.

Between the carefully designed lounge spaces and delicious coffee shop, you'll find everything you need to accompany your coworking style and encourage the exchange of ideas. With a wide range of visitor and membership options, you can pick the plan that's best for you.

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