Top coworking spaces in Padua 2024

Top coworking spaces in Padua 2024

Located in the Veneto region in the north of Italy, Padua is a picturesque city with a lot of history – its Botanical Garden, the oldest in the world, as well as the many 14th-century frescoes hidden in its buildings, are protected by UNESCO. Its university is also one of the oldest in the world (and where a woman graduated from a university for the first time, in 1678), with both Galileo Galilei and Copernicus having been either students or professors there. Culture therefore plays an important role in the city, but so does industry, with about 50,000 people working over an 11 million sqm industrial area. If you’re planning a visit to the city where Shakespeare, who’d never even been to Italy, set The Taming of the Shrew, make sure to know the landscape better than Will and check out the best Paduan coworking spaces selected for you by Remotely Serious!

Metodo Zero

In the center of town, Metodo Zero is a design studio aiming to return to Renaissance principles: fostering creativity through connection, and blending art and technique. By choosing to host different kinds of creatives, from graphic designers to communication professionals, Metodo Zero wants to encourage a ‘contamination’ of ideas, whether you are a freelancer or a consultant. It is no surprise then that the space itself is beautifully modern and comfortable, with plenty of natural light and ergonomic chairs. A very well equipped kitchen is at your disposal for your meals and breaks. The coworking area is divided in two spaces: the No Mad room is where people looking for a temporary solution can work, with hot desking starting at 6€/hour or 25€/day and granting you a free coffee and access to the phone booth. You can also work this way from a sofa in the Zero Stress relaxation room. Alternatively, you can book your hot desking passes by packs, at 100€ for 5 or 200€ for 15. Looking for something longer-term? Memberships are available: 200€ for your dedicated seat at a shared table (the price drops to 180€ for a quarterly contract or 150€ for an annual subscription), with your own locker, 10h/month of meeting room usage, and 30 prints per month. The Premium version of this offer, at 250€, also gives you a free parking space and domiciliation. Single desk memberships are also on offer, starting at 250€/month or 310€ for the Premium version. An equipped course room can be rented out for 45€/hour, 90€/half-day or 130€/day, and can seat 20 people. A meeting room for up to 10 people is available from 25€/hour up to 99€ per day. Finally, the relaxation area can also host your more informal events.

City Coworkingarden e Sala Riunioni Padova

In the center of Padua, the City Coworkingarden offers various options within its green and pleasant modern spaces. 6 independent coworking stations are available within one of the Green Boxes, but hot desking can also be done in the shared area from sofas and armchairs, from 90€/day (free printer and scanner use is included, as well as priority booking for the meeting room and event room). Furnished private offices of 10m2 can also be rented for a day (90€) or for longer periods, starting at 370€/month. Finally, a 20m2 meeting room can be booked for 110€/day and comes equipped with a wall-mounted 4K LCD screen, while the 60m2 event room comes at 350€/day.

Regus - Padova, City Center

Coworking giant Regus has a few spaces in Padua, and its central location has plenty to offer. Spacious, bright and tastefully decorated, the Via Savonarola space has all the classic options of most Regus branches, starting with coworking at 4€/hour or 35€/day. The lounge hot desking membership starts at 115€/month, and coworking memberships of various levels are available, from 129€/month for 5 days of access per month and going up to 279€/month for unlimited access. Private offices can be booked by the hour for 12€, or 75€/day, or via memberships going up to 479€/month for unlimited access. A meeting room sitting up to 6 people can be rented for 23€/hour or 130€/day, and another for up to 12 people is also available.


A hub for innovation, Paradigma concentrates creators and workers who are trying to build a better future. The incubator helps connect professionals with shared goals and complimentary skills, but even if you’re not taking part in that side of the operation, you can make use of the coworking space that Paradigma has to offer in its business center. For 150€/month, you can access the communal space and sit wherever you want, as well as make use of the lounge, book meeting rooms and use printers and scanners. If you prefer a fixed desk, count 250€/month. Are you a designer? You might like the Lab Desk membership at 500€/month which comes with 2 resin 3D printers and 6 filament 3D printers and other tools. Modulable offices can also be rented out from 700€/month. Consulting and mentoring services are available, with rates dependent on your needs.


Located very close to the train station, COFARE offers coworking options as well as 3 meeting rooms and a training room over 210m2 of bright space. 12 workstations on a large table are available and can be accessed through memberships that grant you benefits according to how long your contract will be. For 3 months at 275€/month, you get your own dedicated workstation Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 19:00, space in shared closets, and the option of leaving your equipment in place overnight. At 250€/month for 6 months, domiciliation as well as your own keys to the facility are offered. Finally, at 200€/month for a year, the training room, seating up to 30 people and equipped with a video projector, becomes available to you. Guests can also book the training room – the largest room in the space – for 90€/half-day or 140€/day. The 3 other meeting rooms are of different sizes and configurations – for instance, the Green Room can sit 4 people on its large sofa and comes with stage lights, ideal for video or podcast recordings, while the Orange Room sits 8 guests and features a monitor and its own coffee machine. Each can be booked for 50€/2 hours, 75€/half-day or 120€/day.